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The help here is for Bounce Metronome Pro. If you want the Tune Smithy wiki see Tune Smithy Wiki

Searchable help

Most of the help for Bounce Metronome is already integrated into the software - as tool tips and as extra help that shows up when you use one of the controls in bounce Metronome.

The same help has been added to this wiki, under All Bounce Metronome Windows and All Bounce Metronome Views. That's useful especially if you want to search the tool tips and extra help for some particular topic - just use the search tool in the side bar of this wiki.

Many Ways to Use a Metronome and Tutorials

This wiki also has a section Many Ways to Use a Metronome which may help you make better use of the software by suggesting some of the many ways you can use metronomes to help with your practise and improve your sense of rhythm and steady tempo.

As well as that I've done some Tutorials, and am gradually adding other relevant material such as trouble shooting and FAQs for users of the software. The wiki will probably evolve gradually - so check back later if there isn't much there yet.

Change log and wish list

Another important section is the Bounce Metronome Pro Wish List which gives some of the many wishes for future features in the program, and some ideas that I am thinking about adding to it later on. Be sure to contact me with your own wishes, ideas and recommendations.

To find out what has already been added see the Change Log

How can I help

You are very welcome to join to help build the content and help other users of the software. Maybe you have useful insights to offer into ways of using the software - or tips or suggestions or tutorials etc?

If you want to help, please send an e-mail to and I WILL CREATE AN ACCOUNT FOR YOU.

For a quick start to editing, see Help, and especially, Editing_pages. To experiment with editing use the Sandbox. For examples see Sandbox - Examples

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