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Activity Timer for Mac Beta

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Very early stage beta (or alpha) of Activity Timer on Mac.

Main Mac specific drawback so far - that because it is inside a wineskin, it can't detect key presses or mouse clicks outside it. However, fortunately, it can detect mouse movement globally, at least on my Macbook Air. This means that if you sit at your computer typing, without touching the mouse, it has no way to detect any activity. But luckily most people move the mouse at least every few minutes, and this, it can detect as activity.

Apart from that, it's working reasonably as expected, for an early stage beta. Main other drawback - doesn't work when minimized and can't be restored once minimized. So it needs to be always present on the screen. But can work on making its visible presence less intrusive.

It is a major update of the previous Windows version of Activity Timer with many extensive changes, not yet properly tested. Please treat as early stage beta software, work in progress. It is probably fine if you just want a program to play visual or audio alarms as a reminder to stop work or look away from the screen. But not to be relied on for project timing. If that's what you want, this is for testing and first impressions only. Needs a lot of testing and debugging.

For more on this, see #Known issues which I haven't been able to fix yet

Download here:

Activity Timer Mac Beta WITH MAC DRIVER - December 8th 2014 - this version can track mouse movement outside the skin - but if you minimize it, can't restore it except with quit and restart. And minimal top menu e.g. can't zoom windows, no name of the program, just called Wine, etc.

Activity Timer Mac Beta - NO MAC DRIVER - December 8th 2014 - this is a much nicer looking, user friendly version with top menu, and can minimize and zoom any window. But problem is, it is only able to detect mouse movement, clicks or keypresses inside the wineskin which makes it rather useless as an activity timer, because it can only time the amount of time you spend working with the program itself.

Activity Timer Mac Beta for LEOPARD - December 8th 2014 - again without mac driver. I doubt if I'll be able to do a version that really works on Leopard for this program as it can only detect activity inside its own Wineskin.

Windows version: Activity Timer Beta for WINDOWS - this is fine - except - that it is a very early stage beta.


Kickstarter - crowd funded, thanks!

This crowdfunded project was made possible because of support of the many backers of the Kickstarter: Bounce Metronome, Tune Smithy, Lissajous 3D, ... on the Mac!, which was successfully funded on June 7, 2014.


Getting Started

I think is reasonably clear - you get instructions about how to start a new project when the program first runs. You can set alarms for eye protection reminders and for the end of the session.


Just download it - it's a package all ready to use.

It's in a zip to reduce the size of download from over 200 MB to 80 MB approx, but my Mac anyway seems to unzip it automatically on download. If necessary unzip first and run.

You will probably want to copy it over to your Applications folder also for easy access.

You may need to give it permission to run - easiest way is to use CONTROL + CLICK on the package, and choose Open - then in the dialog that pops up answer "Open Anyway".

You can also give it permission to run from Apple Icon >> System Preferences >> Security & Privacy - Then click on "Open Anyway" and answer Okay to the message.

If you haven't got an unlock key yet - then just start the test drive.

If you pledged to kickstarter you should have got your unlock key by now. If not please contact me!

Why it is unsigned

I have a Mac developer's license. But the Wineskin package is designed for version 1 and signed with a version 1 certificate.

Apple, earlier this year, changed the system, and on Mavericks I can only sign it with a version 2 certificate which doesn't work with a Wineskin. So I can't sign it at present. See How do I Codesign my Wineskin?.

If anyone has any thoughts about this, anything I can do to sign it, do say!

Use Menu within Program rather than Top Menu for most things

This is because it's a Windows program originally. The windows each have menus within them - with many options. I have no way to add those options into the top menu of your Mac.

You can do a few things with the top menu. You can zoom the window, or minimize it, standard things like that. You can do a quit, also a force quit if it freezes. You get links to visit the program website, and the Wineskin website. But that's about it

If you close the main window, it quits the program

That's because it originates in Windows which doesn't have a top menu. On Windows, one of the windows is usually the "main window" and you quit a program by closing its main window.

So, the same happens on the Mac. You can close any of the other windows and nothing happens. But if you close the main window, it quits the program.

You can also quit from the top menu - has same effect as closing the main window.

"Can't be opened" Error message

This is quite rare, but sometimes you might get an error message

The application ... can't be opened -10810

If that happens there are three things you can do.

  1. Simplest method: Reboot your Mac and the error should go away
  2. Or, make a copy of the application. The copy should start up okay.
  3. Or, if you don't want to reboot or copy the application, right click on the application and click "Show Package Contents". Then double click on the wineskin inside the wrapper, go to Advanced and click on Test Run.

I don't know why this happens, and an internet search hasn't turned up any answers except that many people have encountered this error with many different programs inside wineskins. So it is nothing specific to my programs.

What's new

December 8th 2014

Removes "Eject Disk" from top menu. Adds link to this webpage to top menu.

Disables option to "start minimized". That's because with the Mac Driver version, you can't restore it when minimized.

Future plan is to make my own "mini" version just a resizable square area with the icon which you can place where you like on the screen - and drag to show more of it to see the text. Something like that.

Activity Timer Mac Beta WITH MAC DRIVER - December 8th 2014

Activity Timer Mac Beta - NO MAC DRIVER - December 8th 2014

Activity Timer Mac Beta for LEOPARD - December 8th 2014

Activity Timer Beta for WINDOWS

November 30th 2014

Had to remove the "minimize to system tray" option as a result of the fix for mouse movement detection.

I could do something about this later on, add a floating window to show when the main program is hidden. But for now, it just miminizes and you have to restore it to see the time spent on the projects etc.

bugs fixed:

Can't detect any mouse movement or keyboard or mouse clicks outside the skin - making it useless for activity timing on the Mac
- fixed to some extent - can now detect mouse movement globally, see Can a program in a Wineskin detect global mouse and keyboard activity on the Mac? - so okay for users who use the mouse at least occasionally every few minutes.

Activity Timer Mac Beta - November 30th 2014

Activity Timer Mac Beta for LEOPARD - November 30th 2014

Activity Timer Beta for WINDOWS

October 17th

First upload

Activity Timer Mac Beta - Oct 17th 2014

Known issues which I haven't been able to fix yet

Early stage beta, may have many other bugs not yet detected.

Other Mac Betas

  • Activity Timer for Mac Beta

See also: All the Mac Betas in one list

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