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This is a list of some of the On-line metronomes and some of the other software metronomes for Windows available just now, with some of the features of each. However, it doesn't list metronomes for phones, for Mac, or for Linux (though a few Linux ones are listed in the #Open Source Metronomes). Also doesn't list any of the iPod / iPhone / Android etc apps. I've added some links to lists of apps for those platforms in the Suggestions section below.

These are alternatives to Bounce Metronome (the metronome I developed myself).

This is just a list, not a review. I haven't rated them. Listed in no particular order and I may have left out some metronomes - so let me know if you know of any others to be included. I have tried most of them enough to check that they do in fact work (but not tested the open source linux ones or the one for ipad / iphone below).



For Windows, do try my Bounce Metronome - there's a free taster version which is yours to keep (completely free, no nags).

If you want an alternative and free Desktop metronome to play odd time signatures, then the Wierd Metronome might be your best bet, it is a widely used metronome.

iPod / Android / iPad etc

I can't recommend from personal experience, but these may be worth a look:

For mobile phone / android, here is a 2010 survey of musicians' favourite metronome apps for iOS and Android, top 5 in a poll

Five Best Metronome Apps

For a minimal metronome with bounce visuals for ipad / iphone, this one looks useful:

I don't know the author, there's no connection with me at all, but looks good from the video. It is exactly the sort of thing I hope to program first of all if / when I get a chance to do a multi-platform version of Bounce Metronome. Metronome Bounce - App store link - author's website

Professional Metronome


For an on-line metronome with Go Silent Briefly and gradually changing tempo see Best Drum Trainer.

Gitori also has both these features and a really cool tempo graph which lets you set any number of tempi, and set the tempo and time for any of the points on the graph. For more about this, see its entry under #On-line metronomes below.

Nedtronome has gradually changing tempo and tempo "plateaus".

For complete list, later in this page: #On-line metronomes

Metronomes with gradual tempo changes or go silent briefly

Of the metronomes on this page, as far as I know, only Nedtronome, Gitori, The Accelerating Metronome and Bounce Metronome have gradual tempo changes.

Only Best Drum Trainer, Gitori and Bounce Metronome have go silent briefly.

(- these things can change of course as programs are updated and be sure to let me know of any developments).


For flamenco metronomes, I maintain a short list here: Flamenco Metronomes


My Bounce for Mac Beta now runs on the Mac OSX - there's a free taster version which is yours to keep (completely free, no nags).

For more Mac metronomes - try Metronomes for Mac


Bounce Metronome can now run on Linux using Wine.

For more Linux metronomes, see Metronomes for Linux on Shareware Music Machine.

For mobile phone metronomes, try a google search for "mobile phone metronome" or similar.

On-line metronomes

These are all free and work in your web browser:

Viziklik Visual Metronome - Purely visual metronome (no sound) with alternating pattern of black and white squares, good for peripheral vision.

metronomer - simple on-line metronome. Also generates click tracks for download as mp3s. 1 to 8 beats per measure, with tap at tempo feature.

MyMetronome - simple "no frills" online metronome, nice user interface, choice of three metronome sounds, and volume control, and some tips on how to practise with a metronome.

Metronome Bot - Counts rhythms in 2/4, 3/4 or 4/4 rhythmically with synthesized voice, also subdivisions, clicks for beats etc.

Gitori: A Gamified Progressive Metronome to practice music - online metronome that can progressively increase/decrease tempo over time - following points on a user set tempo graph. You can click on any of the existing points to set the tempo and the duration of the time period leading up to it, click to the right of all the points to add new points, and use the delete key to delete points. It also has support for 4/4 with 4, 8, 16, 24, or 32 silenced bars, odd time signatures 5/4 and 7/8, and a tabla rhythm and some polyrhythms (3:4, 5:8 and 7:8 currently). To access these you go to the title where it says "Beat: Metronome" and click on the Metronome link to bring up a list of other possiblities. Reddit discussion of it

Best Drum Trainer - On-line metronome with Go Silent Briefly feature. Also has gradually changing tempo.

Nedtronome - On-line metronome with gradual tempo changes and tempo "plateaus"

Drumbot - A free online drum machine for non-drummers. - online drummer using pre-recorded grooves as a sequence of short samples you can re-arrange to make your own grooves

Drumbot Sequence - free online drum machine machine - has 8 parts can select different instrument for each one, then switch individual beats on or off to make a rhythm with any number of measures, with 1, 2, 4, 8 or 16 beats to a measure.

Counting music - Counts rhythms in 2/4, 3/4 or 4/4 rhythmically with synthesized voice and different counting systems.

TickTone - Simple on-line metronome with two tick sounds, and vary number of beats per measure.

Metronome Online - Simple on-line metronome with steady tick and tempo in steps 40 to 308

Web Metronome - Shows beat numbers with flashing colour for accented beats in the measure - accent any beat - visual only.

Best Metronome - Three versions. Accessible metronome. Simple traditional look metronome with pendulum graphics. Advanced. The accessible version also has a tap at tempo feature.

Advanced best metronome (in beta) - lets you play beats and rests one after another on different instruments so is a way to play odd time signatures and mixed meters.

Seventh String Metronome - Simple metronome with tap tempo. Online Metronome Another simple on-line metronome with tap at tempo. Riff player - on-line metronome can play any riff at any speed.

Guitar Chords Online Metronome - Digital style metronome, 2/4, 3/4 or 4/4, nine instruments for beat and measure beat. Online Metronome - Simple tick type metronome, dial only, 40 to 208

Free Online metronome from Violin Site - Simple two state pendulum type.

Free on-line metronome - Piano roll type, fixed at 8 beats to the bar.

Metronome - Piano roll type, up to 8 beats to the bar. Eight different instrument sounds.

Desktop metronomes for Windows

These are all stand alone metronomes. I've left out metronomes that are a minor feature of a larger program, such as metronomes for DAWs.

These are some of the alternatives to Bounce Metronome (the metronome I developed myself).

Some interesting metronomes are no longer being actively developed, and sometimes the author's site is no longer available. When that happens, I give a third party link you can use to download the software (usually hitsquad).

Please be sure to let me know if you know of any other programs for this list, or notice any omissions or inaccuracies of any kind.

I have left out Flamenco metronomes here, as I maintain a separate list for them. See: Flamenco Metronomes

Bounce Metronome (the metronome I developed myself) - Shareware, 30 day trial, renewable trial, includes free taster with the most frequently used time signatures.

Simple time, compound time, odd-time, mixed meters, accented beats, polyrhythms, polymeters, rhythm phasing, rhythm cycles. Any number of subdivisions. Gradual tempo changes, tap at tempo, go silent briefly, chord progressions, bounce visuals and conducting patterns, export to mid, wav, mp3 or video.

joecrabtree Pyramid, OctopuSequencer and RhythMachine Plays polymeters and polyrhythms, and OctopuSequence is a polymetric / polyrhythmic sequencer.

Crystal Metronome - Shareware, 30 day free trial Measures, beat subdivisions including triplets, swing, outputs as audio (no midi).

| Orange Metronome - Shareware, free trial which you can use 30 times Beat samples, tap at tempo, midi or wav output, counts out loud, set instruments for individual beats

Professional Metronome - Shareware

Features: song editor, bar and beat counter, VST plugin, network synchronisation, skinnable, change midi instruments, bounce visuals. This is the only other desktop metronome I know of with bounce visuals where the ball moves faster at the bottom of the bounce (there are many that have lights or a ball that move up and down at constant speed).

The Accelerating Metronome - Beep metronome with gradually changing tempo. Also has a Tap at Tempo feature. Free version and Shareware Version (for Tap at Tempo and configurable beeps).

Weird Metronome - Free

Odd time signatures and additive measures, especially of interest for Eastern European folk music. You can set a measure of any number of beats, with emphasis on any beats you like in the measure. Choice of midi instruments, custom measures and custom emphasis.

Desktop Metronome - Shareware, 14 day trial

Tap tempo, reference tone, irregular meters, subdivisions (tuplets)

Metronome from the Guitar on-line website - Shareware with free trial

Tempo range 40 to 340

simple, compound, odd-time, mixed meters, accented beats,

DMetro - Shareware , original site no longer exists,

Dirk's Metronome - Free

Pendulum style visuals, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 6/8

Tone Metronome - Shareware 30 day trial

Piano roll style metronome

Javtronome metronome - Donationware, wood block sound, tap for tempo

Enable Metronome - Shareware

Accents, change instruments,

Metrosonus - Shareware

Tempo range 30 to 240. tap for tempo. Save output directly to audio file

MundoBeat - Shareware, Original web site no longer exists. Wayback archive for 2008

Tap tempo, step through beats, flah for accent, play WAV.

MuseBook Metronome - Shareware

Tap tempo

MetroBus - Freeware, original site no longer exists

VST, Beat subdivisions

Orange Metronome - Shareware

Tap for Tempo. Midi and wav Sounds. Count in words.


Free. Simple Tuner and BPM

Fine Metronome

7 day trial shareware

Mixed meters. Several samples included

D'Accord Metronome


Tap tempo. Vary Measure.

Monkey Machine

On-line free piano roll type metronome. Tap tempo and drum samples.

Crystal Metronome

30 day trial

subdivisions. Triplet. Timing. Mixed meters. Render metronome to audio. Keyboard shortcuts.


Simple free metronome. 1 - 4 beats per measure.

Groove Box


Drum patterns. Tap for tempo. Export to wav or midi.

Ultimate Metronome

Shareware. No trial version. Gradual tempo change. odd time signature, choose instrument.

Open Source Metronomes

There are several metronomes listed at sourceforge see: Search results for metronome


Open Metronome

Flamenco Metronome


Bell Metronome

Presto Metronome - Tap Tempo, Gradual Tempo Changes

Visual metronomes (also suitable for deaf musicians)

See separate page: Visual metronomes (also suitable for deaf musicians)

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