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These are various ideas and jottings of ideas for future for Bounce Metronome. Will just add new ideas hers as I think of them. Want to find out more - just contact me on the forum, or facebook or e-mail me.

Difference from Bounce Metronome Pro Wish List - this is more informal and at an earlier stage (also can add early stage type user suggestions here too). Some of these may end up in the wish list if asked for them by users - or if I want to do them myself - and can't do them immediately for one reason or another. Some may be easy to do and desirable if so I just do them right away.


Rhythms Ideas

With the Drum & Dance rhythms - would be good to have some way to show the bouncing balls for only one measure at a time - similar to the rhythm cycles approach - all the measures across bottom of the bouncing balls window and you can click on any measure to select it. Especially if I add in the n-tuplets notation and users start to work with it for large complex pages of rhythms like the Zappa black page.

Or - another idea - make the bouncing balls window view scrollable, with horizontal scroll bar at the bottom, and user chooses how many measures to show at a time e.g. current and next measure only. With the multiply nested n-tuplets - good if they can be swung as well.

Tempo ideas

Add option for visuals to vanish for go silent briefly. Could just hide the bb windows completely? Message: "Go Silent Briefly - hidden" Do the gradually changing tempo for scripts so it works over numbers of bars as well as for time periods. Sort out how tempo scripting should work for absolute tempi - may need e.g. to set tempo for a particular part in the rhythm and at present can't do that.

Bounce ideas

Separate options to show conducting patterns for 3D, 2D and main window so user can show it simultaneously as bounce back and forth and conducting patterns.

Animations Export

For the Sounds option: Copy Wav from another folder - should have option to enter the original file name (not just the original folder). USEFUL for lots of animations with same audio file. E.g. if experimenting with different ideas for how to add animations to an existing audio file (especially once add the options to get the rhythms from a recording interactively by clicking on visuals of the audio).

Next idea is because it may take quite a while to export an animation e.g. for the youtube animations for website. Low resolution doesn't take that long but HD can take a fair amount per animation.

So - could add option to export animations for all the projects in a folder - at any desired resolution. Idea is you can first save the animations at a low resolution or low frame rate or just first few frames of each while you work on the layout of the animation and audio for it - and then when done - set it re-export them all and leave the computer doing that while you work on other things or overnight.

Also have a way to re-save all the animations for all the projects in the folder with new export settings e.g. higher frame rate or resolution - use it for all the projects even though they may have been saved for a different setting for those things.

3D bounce ideas

Option to use 3D window as main window - could just be Options | Split, and start with 3D window visible and main window hidden. Reason - somewhat simpler interface for the program and can do many things just within the 3D window and other things via its menus - could add a button to it to show the main window when hidden.

Easier way to let user stretch the 3D BB horizontally, useful e.g. for conducting patterns - and maybe option to auto stretch as window changes aspect ratio in 3D.

Some way to let user adjust the horizon position for the sky as image - maybe easiest way - as well as align top, bottom, left right etc, add a percentage perhaps align 30% vertically where 0% is top and 100% is bottom and similarly horizontally. Idea is that you can then use a photo as background and adjust it until the horizon is right.

Semi-transparent sea - fully transparent at back - maybe it would give a nice animation effect if superimposed on an image of sea and sky? Add option to adjust hue of the sea, not just fade to background, e.g. for sunset, might want sea as red or orange instead of blue, but otherwise the same - at present can't really do that. Could also have separate shadow and highlight colours to fade to, so that blacks fade to the shadow colour and the whites or lighter colours fade to the highlight colour - work out the intensity of each pixel and fade partly to shadow colour and partly to highlight colour depending on intensity.

Seamless looping idea - option to cross-fade start and end of animation to try and get seamless loop effects. Most likely to work for e.g. rippling water, idea is could use actual video of sea waves or running water and use this to loop it. Not sure how good it will look but worth a try.

Have a bounce inside ovals preset without shadows or sea - the bounce inside ovals looks good like that without horizon line behind it so nice to have it as a preset.

Add an easy preset to let you show the bouncing balls sections side by side in 3D. You can do it at present in More (several times) version of the window by adjusting how much to go in for each section, to -100% but this would make it much easier to set it up. Maybe check box "put sections side by side - with new "for each section sep in by" values for that option.

Skin ideas

Should have a way to include the 3D bounce images and 2D bounce images in the skin. One idea - have a check box "Save 2D and 3D Bounce images in skin". When selected, it copies all those images into a sub-folder of the skin. But continues to use the original image locations so user can easily e.g. browse to select another image in same folder. But when you re-open the skin, then sets to the copy of the image saved in the skin.

Add in anti-aliasing (edge smoothing) for the skin icons - such as play button etc. You can see the pixelation of the shapes if you look closely. Should be possible to fix that in Windows 7 using Direct 2D as I do for e.g. the borders of the buttons - but needs a bit of extra research and coding.

Make the installer of extra animated skins. Better preset animated skin. Have a way to install both as animated skin and optional animated sea at same time - for e.g. caustics skins. With the caustics generator based skins, then need to auto convert the bmps to jpgs as well.

For the option to drag and drop an image into skins window or browse to find an image to use as skin - may be best to (have option to) auto switch on the option to automatically fade to skin "background colour" (otherwise often text is hard to read) - especially useful for the skin slide shows where may have many different images used for the skin in a slide show type sequence each one for so many seconds or minutes.

Or could pop up to ask user each time if they want the image to fade to the skin background colour with Yes No Cancel and Ctrl + Yes or No to skip the message.


Have a way to use non melodic instruments from several banks (e.g. for XG, or GS synths or soft synths) simultaneously. Let the select by name select instrument from any of the banks not just one of them at a time.

Better way to work with the flamenco sound font - it uses instruments as notes of midi instrument 0 - so like drum kit in non melodic percussion channel but using the piano slot as well - have option to let user enter the names of the instruments and select by name so works just like non melodic percussion kit.

Have a way to auto extract instrument names from sound fonts.

Bounce on Lyrics

Have option to auto rescale the lyrics ball size, font, margins etc. depending on window width. E.g. do HD settings and rescale for all other sizes of window automatically.

Solar System Chords - idea for new view for main window

This is an idea which intrigues microtonalist composers and alternative tuning people.

Bounce Metronome Pro has many of the tools now that you need to make it a reality what with the 3D view, and the microtonal tuning etc.

It's based on a kind of "music of the spheres" idea. Where you assign a pitch to each planet in the solar system - based on its orbital period, velocity, period of rotation - or periods of its moons - or whatever.

You get interesting chords because of the various resonances between the planets.

The extra tweak I also wanted to do was to do it so that the pitch of each planet varies as its orbital speed around the sun varies (depending on e.g. it's angular velocity around the sun which varies by kepler's law of equal areas - or depending on its actual speed or whatever).

This makes the pitch of each planet vary up and down subtly. You can also do the relative pitch as well - imagine yourself on a comet or on one of the planets, and look at relative pitch of all the other planets to yours.

So - to do it fully would actually do a proper solar system digital orrery. Including texture mapping of the moons and planets with the NASA photographs of them. And user then can choose sun centred view or to view from any planet or moon or on a passing comet.

To do that properly you really need to do a gravitational simulation - and to do that properly you need clever coding to counteract rounding errors so they don't accumulate - and then over long periods of time the eccentricities of the orbits vary as well and things like that. So basically an open ended project which could get as involved as you like to make it.

But to get started you could use an approximation just to get an idea of what it sounds like. I did midi clips of this ages ago but they are no longer available on-line as far as I know, maybe I have them still on my backup hard disks somewhere.

You can read one of my tuning posts about it here: Re: Solar system chord (not sure but you may need to log in and join the Alternate Tunings group to see it)

It's one of those things where people come up with the idea from time to time and tend to think they were the first to think of it.

Later, after that post, I found out that Denny Genovese came up with the idea many years ago. Whether he was first to think of idea of doing a program like this I don't know. The idea of "Music of the spheres" is ancient of course, idea of tying the pitches to the orbital periods or rotation periods - and then making it into software - don't know when that idea originates.

There was lots of discussion of the idea at the time on the tuning and celestial-tuning forums at yahoogroups. Monz particularly was very keen on the idea at the time, though so far not much seems to have actually come of it in practise.

I had plans to collaborate with Denny Genovese on his ideas for the solar system chords - we discussed many ideas and ways of doing it - but haven't had time yet for the actual coding, so nothing came of that yet either.

A proper gravitational simulator is a lot of work and you could spend your whole life on it. Useful links:

java gravitational simulator

N body simulation (Wikipedia)

FORTRAN code for n-body simulation by Sverre Aarseth

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