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I've been testing Bounce on the Mac in a Wineskin with "Voice Over" the screen reader that comes with Mac - and it can't see it at all. Tried with just Notepad inside a Wineskin - and it can't even see Notepad - e.g. when you navigate the menus - not a peep from it.

Has an option to read the text under the cursor, tried that, move the cursor over Windows programs wrapped in a Wineskin - and nothing - it can't see a thing.

I don't know what to do about that. Have posted to the Wineskin forum in case anyone there has any ideas to follow up.

Is there any way to use Voice Over or Screen Readers with WineSkin?

If anybody here has any thoughts do say.


First maybe someone in the forum will have a solution.

I also wondered if e.g. Window Eyes would work inside of a wineskin on a Mac - but not too hopeful it would be able to see a windows program inside a different wineskin. And anyway tried to install it and it couldn't install in a Wineskin.

Also wondered if Narrator would work - but on reflection probably not as it uses SAPI I expect (see below).

Only idea I've had so far is - that if I were to integrate Bounce Metronome with a text to speech library of some sort - I could feed it the text myself as the user navigates the program. Not as good as a proper screen reader but better than nothing.

But - I don't know of anything I can use there.

There are many free text to speech applications for Windows - but they are for non commercial use only. So I can't use them. They use the more restrictive GPL instead of the LGPL which lets you use them with commercial apps so long as it's a "plugin" rather than part of your code. These, I can't use at all as far as I can tell.

And the Windows SAPI - doesn't look that hard to program - but probably doesn't work on Wine + Mac

- this is an attempt underway to get it working on Linux - so since that's not finished yet probably a while to go before it works on a Mac.

That only leaves commercial solutions - but I expect them to be expensive - this one doesn't have a price - just to contact them for details - which is not a good sign I think if hoping for a low cost solution.

This fills in details from: Bounce for Mac Beta screen reader issue.

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