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Here I'll share code snippets as I work on the program. So, things that solve problems in interesting ways or things that took me a long time to find out how to do.

It's a bit like the Source Code section of RobertInventor software website, but small snippets rather than complete dlls or sample programs.

So for things where you want to know "how to do" something but not looking for a complete sample you can just copy / paste into your program - generally simpler smaller scale thigns than for the Source Code samples.

C-code Snippets

High performance critical sections using InterlockedExchange

How to disable guestures etc. for multi touch playable on screen keyboards

How to show a dialog full screen

How to let user click and drag anywhere on window or dialog to move it

Are you a programmer? Are you intrigued by something or other that Bounce Metronome Pro does and wonder how I coded it?

Let me know and I'll see if it is appropriate for a c-code snippet.

Some things are much easier to do than you expect - have given a couple of snippets here to get started, may seem a lot of work the first one but compared with many low level Windows things, is pretty simple really. The second is really simple as Windows C goes.

Other things took many thousands of lines. Example would be the tool tips and the way that the help window automatically shows the tip for the control you hover the mouse over - and then the way that all those tips can be exported into a wiki with the tool tips and image maps. That's thousands of lines of code, though I may be able to answer questions about how it was done.

Ditto for the background image and the way that you can use any image as background for all the windows in Bounce Metronome, even including animated skins.

Anyway welcome any questions, if anything here intrigues you do ask. Though it isn't "open source" I do share interesting snippets and samples with other programmers, and enjoy talking about it and discussing how things are done.

The program as a whole would be pretty hard to understand anyway if you just want to know how to do some basic thing.

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