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Features of special interest by Musicians and Genres

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Features of special interest by Musicians and Genres

This is just a selection, based on some of the e-mails, forum posts, and comments from musicians who use the metronome.

All musicians - the Gravity Bounce to help keep time, and the Go Silent and Gradually Changing Tempo features. See [you_can_do_so_much_more_with_this_metronome.htm you can do so much more with this metronome].

Drummers in many genres - the polyrhythms, and mixed meters, also the drum metronome with drum rudiments.

Recording studio owners, also deaf musicians - use it as a completely silent metronome.

Orchestral and Band Players - the conducting visuals to help with practice without a conductor.

Composers - the wide variety of rhythms, including the exotic ones like the Golden Ratio rhythm.

Song writers and singers - interested in the ball bouncing on lyrics. However, generally want capability to synchronise it with pre-recorded mp3 - which it can't do yet but will add this feature soon.

Jazz musicians - the polyrhythms, the Mixed meters especially its capability to play mixed meters with mixed note types such as 4/4 7/8, and of course the [swing_metronome.htm Swing and syncopation] feature.

Performers of Folk music from Balkans, and other Additive rhythms (including e.g. the irregular rhythms in Stravinsky's Rite of Spring) - the Mixed meters - can play additive rhythms with large numbers of measures if needed. This could also be of interest for Indian Talas.

Indian musicians -Polyrhythms and the Cycle of Polyrhythms.

Sub Sahara Africa and Afro Cuban - Polyrhythms

Djent and Math Metal - the Polyrhythms, especialy the more exotic polyrhythms like 4/4 over 4/3.

Flamenco players - naturally the Flamenco Compás Metronome especially.

Music therapy users of the Lambdoma keyboard - the harmonic polyrhythms and cycle of harmonic polyrhythms.

Enthusiasts for Theremin's Rhythmicon - the Rhythmicon.

Tai Chi Pracitioners - if also musicians, may be interested in the visual display especially bounce inside concentric ovals - and especialy the polyrhythms. See Tai Chi and Bounce Metronome.

Music Lovers - even if you aren't a musician particularly yourself but enjoy listening to music - this software with its visuals and unique way of presenting the rhythms may help you to appreciate rhythms and understand time signatures etc.

You may also be interested in the companion program Tune Smithy which lets you create your own automatically generated fractal tunes, intricate as snowflakes, and experiment with orchestration, no previous experience of composition required. You can buy both at once - the same unlock key unlocks both programs.

See An appreciation of the music software as provided by Robert Walker (AKA Robert Inventor)

Have I missed out your musical genre or type of user?

Contact me and let me know which features are of especial interest, so I can add yours to this list.

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