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Many Ways to Use a Metronome

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Do you find it hard to play along with a metronome at all (this is very common when you first start to use one)? Or have your metronome sessions become a little dull and tedious and you feel you aren't making much progress? Or do you want to improve your timing sensitivity and have a livelier sense of rhythm, or a clearer sense of tempo, but not sure how the metronome can help?

Approach it right, and you find there is so much more you can do than you might ever imagine. Every time you practice with your metronome you can learn new things and explore new horizons. As you work with it, you can constantly develop and reinforce your inner sense of rhythm and time sensitivity. There are so many metronome techniques developed over the two centuries since its invention in 1815, yet few musicians seem to know about them. Metronome practice requires technique much as musical instruments do.

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Vanishing Metronome Clicks, for Timing Sensitivity: And other Metronome Techniques - Many Ways to Use a Metronome


When you practise with a metronome:

Are you also learning

  • To play exactly on the beat, or ahead and behind in a flexible way? See How to keep exact time
  • To hit the beat so exactly your sound merges with the click - in a relaxed way, every time if you want to? This is a great exercise for developing sensitivity to time at the microsecond level, see Vanishing Metronome Click
  • To develop flexible timing of beats and sub-beats with lilt or swing? See Swung notes
  • To develop your inner sense of rhythm and steady tempo? See Vanishing Metronome Click and for a check list of things to watch out for: Metronome Advantages and Disadvantages
  • To count music in a rhythmical way to improve your timing? See Counting Music
  • Are you also working on your sense of rhythm in other ways without the metronome? See the section in Technique on Alternatives to Metronome Use

For a quick introduction or refresher for the notation for time signatures like 4/4 and 6/8 first, go to Understanding time signatures.

Or go to How to keep exact time

Bounce Metronome in use:

More videos

More about what these pages are for

It's meant as a source of stimulating new ideas to help you make best use of Bounce Metronome or other metronomes.

If you just thought of a metronome as a tool to learn to play in tempo, then you'll find there is so much more to it. As you explore further you will find a lot of material available - on the web, in books and so on. There are links to some of it in the section on metronome advantages and disadvantages.

So - this is a source of new ideas to think about - together with pointers towards some of the background material on the subject when you want to go into it in more detail.

Source of this material

While researching for Bounce Metronome Pro I have come across so many ideas and ways of practising with a metronome. Then many more ideas were suggested by users for the software.

So - just want to share it with you - to help you make best use of the metronome. It's not meant as a "how to use a metronome" guide. Instead I want to point you in the direction of some of the wide range of ideas and methods you can use, and explore to enrich your metronome practise sessions. That's why I call it "Many ways to use a metronome."

If a few of you who read this get one or two new ideas which help make your metronome practise a bit more stimulating and lively - then it was well worth writing :).

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Online Videos and other metronomes

Or you can explore its Video Resources with many videos of various types of rhythm.

I also maintain a big list of other software and on-line metronomes, which you can find here:

A big list of some of the other metronomes available for Windows - and Online Metronomes

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