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These are some wishes that seem hopeful to do in the near future or ones that for one reason or another I am particularly keen to do. Though many other wishes in the wish list could also be done, especially the ones that are marked as easy to do, also can depend on whether I get many enthusiastic users asking for a feature.

In the immediate future very hopeful to have a version that can run on a Mac using Wine, as the next upload will already be Wine compatible.

Particular wishes in the wish list that would be nice to do further into the future are:


Pedals to control bounce

Use of controller pedal to start / stop the tune and vary the tempo etc.

Vary tempo independently

It would be great to have an option to vary the tempo completely independently in all the parts so they aren't tied to each other. This is of especial interest personally, however, this is technically hard to do in Bounce so probably I won't manage that any time soon.

Groove and more rhythms

Some way to input a groove into the software, most easily by importing midi files. Also adding more rhythms, eg. Latin American and Flamenco rhythms, those are best with a groove so they would go together.

tuner main window

I'd like to add a tuner main window - to use like pitch pipes to play reference tones - also able to play all the notes of a keyboard for help with tuning of physical keyboards - and combine it with various options to use for training in interval recognition or absolute pitch recognition, in a microtonal way - depending on the musician. Some of these features are already in bounce.

Bounce on lyrics synchronization with audio

One option that I get asked about occasionally is an option for users to be able to synchronize the bounce on lyrics visuals with pre-recorded audio. This is actually possible already in the beta - though it requires careful manual adjustments - and the user interface needs a lot of work before it is ready for use.


Would like to have an easy way to do polyrhythms in n-tuplet notation in the drum & dance rhythm editor - ie. to be able to add an n-tuplet or a fragment of an n-tuplet for any n in the middle of a rhythm and so be able to play any rhythm involving polyrhythms easily including e.g. Zappa's black page.

Count out loud

Would be great to be able to set the metronome to count out loud in precise time with the rhythm, using synthesized voice or pre-recorded words.

Touch screens

Another area of especial interest is development multi-touch on-screen keyboards. These could be made accessible for blind users by adding some kind of grid which you place over the screen so you can feel where the keys are - which would also be useful for sighted users who want to be able to feel the keys without need to keep looking at your fingers.

The main drawback of multi-touch at present is that on most devices it is not velocity sensitive normally - except by making velocity depend on the position of the touch point on the key.

If it ever becomes velocity sensitive it would be wonderful for on-screen musical instruments, and especially if haptic feedback becomes the norm as well. I have read about some experiments in touch screens with haptic feedback meaning that you can actually feel objects on the screen. But don't know how that is progressing. I imagine something like that would be a few years yet into the future.

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