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Early stage beta of Time Smithy 4.5 on Mac. It's early stage mainly because it is early stage on Windows also. Still - basically working okay - plays the fractal tunes at least. Other parts of the program may also work fine, but not yet tested.

Warning though: #Fractal tune saved with this upload MIGHT ONLY PLAY THE SAME NOTES IF YOU USE THIS VERY UPLOAD OF TUNE SMITHY

So, especially if you are interested in the fractal tunes, do bear that in mind. I can't yet guarantee forward compatibility of your saved tunes for future releases. Also the new rhythms which I've included from Bounce, e.g. music notation rhythms etc - they may work with some of the features in Tune Smithy and not with others - they are highly experimental at present if used for the fractal tunes.

Download here:

Tune Smithy 4.7 Mac Beta - June 28, 2017 - for Snow Leopard or later
(this latest upload is not yet available for Leopard)

This is the application itself, not an installer. Copy the package to wherever you want to run it from.

Older version is available for Leopard - I don't know if this version with the 3D Bounce will run on Leopard so provide two versions.

Tune Smithy 4.5 Mac Beta for LEOPARD ONLY (OSX 10.5) - WITH 3D BOUNCE December 20th, 2014

Tune Smithy 4.5 Mac Beta for LEOPARD ONLY (OSX 10.5) - WITHOUT 3D BOUNCE December 1st, 2014

Do let me know how you get on if you try running the beta on Leopard. So far, I've had no interest at all in this leopard upload since I provided it here - which is why I've stopped providing new Leopard downloads. If anyone is using Tune Smithy or Bounce or any of my other programs on Leopard do drop me an email about it at and if there is anything that needs to be fixed - or it just doesn't work, do let me know also. Could easily have things that need fixing as I can only test it in a virtual machine here.


Windows version

For the Windows version of the FTS 4.7 beta click here: Tune Smithy 4.7 for WINDOWS ONLY - June 28, 2017. For What's New, see #June 16th, 2017 below.

Previous uploads:

I don't yet have a separate download page for it.


If you have already downloaded the beta from December 20th or later, you don't need to download the entire beta again.

You can just download the Windows installer. This also works when I do intermediate updates of just the Windows version.

Then to install you need to run the Wineskin inside your Mac beta. To do that:

  1. Ctrl + click on the old version of your Mac Beta package, the one you want to update
  2. Choose "Show package contents"
  3. Double click on "Wineskin" to run
  4. Click on "Choose Installer" and browse to find the installer you downloaded
  5. Step through installer just as for installing a program on Windows.
  6. On the second page of the installer - be sure to switch off the option to add a desktop shortcut (they don't work on the Mac).

And that's it done.

Kickstarter - crowd funded, thanks!

This crowdfunded project was made possible because of support of the many backers of the Kickstarter: Bounce Metronome, Tune Smithy, Lissajous 3D, ... on the Mac!, which was successfully funded on June 7, 2014.



Just download it - it's a package all ready to use.

It's in a zip to reduce the size of download from over 200 MB to 80 MB approx, but my Mac anyway seems to unzip it automatically on download. If necessary unzip first and run.

You will probably want to copy it over to your Applications folder also for easy access.

You may need to give it permission to run - easiest way is to use CONTROL + CLICK on the package, and choose Open - then in the dialog that pops up answer "Open Anyway".

You can also give it permission to run from Apple Icon >> System Preferences >> Security & Privacy - Then click on "Open Anyway" and answer Okay to the message.

If you haven't got an unlock key yet - then just start the test drive.

If you pledged to kickstarter you should have got your unlock key by now. If not please contact me!

Why it is unsigned

I have a Mac developer's license. But the Wineskin package is designed for version 1 and signed with a version 1 certificate.

Apple, earlier this year, changed the system, and on Mavericks I can only sign it with a version 2 certificate which doesn't work with a Wineskin. So I can't sign it at present. See How do I Codesign my Wineskin?.

If anyone has any thoughts about this, anything I can do to sign it, do say!

Extras you might want to install

See Extras you might like to install (Bounce) - the videos there show Bounce Metronome but you can also use them for Tune Smithy. Especially, the IAC driver and Jack are useful extras for Tune Smithy.

Using IAC driver to route midi notes from Tune Smithy to your DAW or other software

I've only done a video for Bounce Metronome, but it should work the same way for Tune Smithy

Search Spotlight for "Audio Midi Setup"

Start it up.

Go to Window >> "Show Midi Window"

Double click IAC Driver

Tick to make sure device is online.

Then it will appear as midi in, and midi out, in midi apps.

This adds just the one port, but you can also add any number of ports and label them for more complex midi routing.

Use Menu within Program rather than Top Menu for most things

This is because it's a Windows program originally. The windows each have menus within them - with many options. I have no way to add those options into the top menu of your Mac.

You can do a few things with the top menu. You can zoom the window, or minimize it, standard things like that. You can do a quit, also a force quit if it freezes. You get links to visit the program website, and the Wineskin website. But that's about it

If you close the main window, it quits the program

That's because it originates in Windows which doesn't have a top menu. On Windows, one of the windows is usually the "main window" and you quit a program by closing its main window.

So, the same happens on the Mac. You can close any of the other windows and nothing happens. But if you close the main window, it quits the program.

You can also quit from the top menu - has same effect as closing the main window.

"Can't be opened" Error message

This is quite rare, but sometimes you might get an error message

The application ... can't be opened -10810

If that happens there are three things you can do.

  1. Simplest method: Reboot your Mac and the error should go away
  2. Or, make a copy of the application. The copy should start up okay.
  3. Or, if you don't want to reboot or copy the application, right click on the application and click "Show Package Contents". Then double click on the wineskin inside the wrapper, go to Advanced and click on Test Run.

I don't know why this happens, and an internet search hasn't turned up any answers except that many people have encountered this error with many different programs inside wineskins. So it is nothing specific to my programs.


I maintain backwards compatibility for releases only, not for betas of Tune Smithy. The priority is to make sure all the tunes from FTS 3.0 play the same way in FTS 4.5. Once that is sorted out then FTS 4.5 will be stable for future fractal tunes, but at present anything you make in it may sound different in future uploads.

ADDITIONAL NOTE (jan 2015) I've now started fixing the fractal tunes for backwards compatibility - and so far - about half of the ones tested have had to be fixed and will play differently in the release.

Do let me know if you encounter any old FTS 3.0 tunes that sound different in this beta of FTS 4.5, including any tunes you made yourself, thanks!

Also the newest BOUNCE AND RHYTHM FEATURES IN TUNE SMITHY ARE EXPERIMENTAL. These are features I developed for Bounce Metronome and haven't yet tested them for Tune Smithy. Some of them may work just fine, but I can't guarantee that yet, especially as Tune Smithy has so many different fractal tune features - some of the fractal tunes may work with some of the rhythms from Bounce and not with others, for instance.

So this is subject to change, and no idea what I'll do eventually, may be that some of the rhythms are restricted to some of the features and are hidden or disabled for others, for instance.

More about Fractal Tunes compatibility

Hopefully most fractal tunes will be compatible with FTS 3.0 and also with future uploads of FTS 4.5. If you spot any FTS 3.0 tunes that play differently in this version, see #Bug reports

However - I don't guarantee anything here at this early beta stage.

The fractal tunes can be very sensitive to slight changes in the way the code works - a one or two line change can completely change the choice of notes played throughout the tune.

So - sometimes happens that beta testers like tunes they have made with a beta and get disappointed when it no longer sounds the same after I fix a bug.

If bugs need to be fixed in this beta, I just fix them. I won't maintain compatibility with the buggy code.

So, of course, you can make new fractal tunes with this beta - but the only way to be totally sure that they will sound the same in the future is to keep the program as it is right now and use this version from now onwards.

But I will keep compatibility with FTS 3.0 tunes. That will be one of my main objectives in the next step of the work on this beta.

Automated fractal tune compatibility tester

I've designed a method of automated comparision to compare the saved FTS 3 tunes note by note with saved tunes from FTS 4.5. Say 10 minutes midi save for each one.

This has helped a lot. Because it has 288 tunes, which explore all the main fractal tune features and a fair number of ways of combining them - and for a reasonable thorough test for compatibility I should test each one to see if it sounds the same in FTS 3 and FTS 4.5.

Suppose I play each one for two minutes in FTS 3 and again in FTS 4.5, and a minute thinking, so five minutes for each one, that's 24 hours total, or more than half a standard working week. Would be easy for that process to take a full working week or more, just listening to all the tunes, with a still not especially thorough listening. And easy to miss something listening to so many tunes one after another.

Luckily in practice, most of the fractal tune bugs are reasonably easy to spot as major changes in the tune, but still - also some may not manifest until a little way into the tune.

It's a bit of a challenge because it has to tell the difference between essential and non essential differences in the midi files. Choice of channel, for pitch bend retuning + channel mapping software like FTS is non essential so long as the pitch, stereo pan and other controllers are the same. Also - "out by 1" errors of timing and of pitch bends would be non essential as they could just be due to rounding errors during approximation, e.g. to find nearest midi pitch bend value to a desired exact pitch, or nearest time to that desired in milliseconds.

But - I found that by recording to midi and then leaving out a lot of the inessential details such as the channel numbers from the midi files - I can compare the FTS 3.0 and FTS 4.5 files in this way.

The method worked fine, but it turned up lots of bugs to fix. So it is mid edit at present. It took about a week of work so far, programming and debugging. Not many fractal tune bugs, but I could only solve about 2 bugs a day because they were quite tricky to fix. So - I expect maybe another week or work on this.

I'll explain how to do it yourself for a "microtonal comparison" between the past and present to check that both play all the same microtonal pitches at the same times, so you can check your own tunes too in the same way.

Bug reports

At the moment - the main thing I'm interested in is, if you can find any fractal tunes that sound different in FTS 3.0 and in FTS 4.5. Do let me know if you do.

Also of course - any access violations or other bug reports, and anything else you notice, do let me know.

But - don't bother to report bugs in the skipped beats or the options to make rhythms from time signatures and other Bounce Metronome features. Those are likely to be buggy and I need to test them first before there is any point in beta testing them.

Known issues which I haven't been able to fix yet

None so far, but expect to turn up many more bugs in near future :).

Future Plans

This is just an idea at present, might change this depending how it goes, also depending on user requests and feedback.

But my plan at the moment, is to do the update to version 4.5 in two stages.

First, I think it might be an idea to debug it pretty much as is, fix any bugs I can find. Expect that to take a few weeks, see how it goes.

Focus will be on

  • Fractal tunes
  • Midi keyboard and composition retuning

Those will need careful and extensive testing.

I'll also check over the chord progression player, retuning midi player, scales construction, and the on screen PC keyboard and mouse player - and the calculator.

Those are all comparatively simple tasks, that may well turn out to be reasonably bug free already.

Then, at some stage anyway, probably check out the spectrum analysis etc, briefly but not put a lot of work into that as there are better tools available now for doing many of the things Tune Smithy 3 did, and I don't know of anyone now who uses those tasks regularly. Still, will do basic testing and fix what I can.

The point in doing it this way is that the result then should be a program that "looks and feels" like Tune Smithy 3 for those who are used to it.

After that, plan to work on the layout of the main windows, especially for the music keyboard and composition retuning tasks. And see if I can improve it. Might be quite subtle changes, but still, do them second because might e.g. be things like changing the order of the controls in the window, putting things in places where you won't expect them from Tune Smithy 3.

So that's why I might well do this as a two stage process. But - not like this plan is "set in stone" will see how things go and what users want and what is easy to do etc.

What's new

I'm not yet keeping track of all the fixes for Tune Smithy 4.5 online as it is an early stage beta.

First priority is to sort out backwards compatibility of all the fractal tunes since I feel it can't be released at all until that is done - got half way through that roughly, earlier this year, and it took about a week to do. I expect another week to complete it, but that's a very rough estimate.

Apart from that, many other things to fix. I'll only start keeping track of them online once the number of things to fix starts to reach more manageable proportions :). Otherwise I'd have to write many pages of content here, and would probably be pretty much unreadable for everyone else. I have lots of pages of notes of bugs, and bugs fixed off-line.

June 28th, 2017

Fixes X11 not found message on El Capitan and later.

Tune Smithy 4.7 Mac Beta - June 28, 2017 - for Snow Leopard or later
(this latest upload is not yet available for Leopard)

June 16th, 2017

Update with all the bug fixes for Bounce Metronome for the last three quarters of a year (same code base). Fixes bug of stuck notes for Go Silent Briefly, which can now be used with Tune Smithy. Other minor bug fixes. Also new option to show a minimal menu for each window and some other minor new features from Bounce Metronome.

Tune Smithy 4.6 Mac Beta - September 23rd, 2016 - for Snow Leopard or later
(this latest upload is not yet available for Leopard)

September 23rd, 2016

Main thing - this has updated wrapper and engine, so hopefully now will run on El Capitan (and on Yosemite).

This is an update with all the bug fixes and new options added for Bounce Metronome over the last year and a quarter - so will mainly affect the polyrhythm metronome task in Tune Smithy which is just Bounce Metronome with an extra tasks menu. I haven't had the chance to work on Tune Smithy itself. But some of the fixes will be relevant for Tune Smithy.

Note, it has a new option to attach other windows to a given window in the Win drop menu which is a bit mid edit. I'll do another upload when it is ready. When you move a window around, the other ones attached to it may not always stay in exactly the same position relative to it.

9th June 2015

With this upload, the installer now makes an automatic backup of the old .exe file, with date and time. For instance the Tune Smithy installer will copy the old "Tune Smithy .exe" to e.g. "Tune Smithy - Date=06(day)-06-2015 (Saturday) - Time=23-26-40.exe"

That way then rollback is easy, just in case the new update has a bug in it that affects you. Just go to the program location folder and you'll find your old .exe file still there and can run that instead. E.g. change desktop shortcut so that it links to the old version of Bounce instead of the new one.

In case of the Mac, won't make any difference of course if you just download the latest Bounce for Mac as that's like a new program anyway, and you'll still have your old version on your computer until you delete it. But this is relevant if you use the Windows program to update your current Mac app in its wineskin. Will create a dated copy of the previous .exe file inside the wineskin. It's a bit more techy, but you can, if you want, roll back to that in similar way to Windows, using the wineskin to change what program it points to.

Fixes a Mac bug - when you click to show a url, e.g. click on the Buy button in the Unlock window, or click to go to the web page for the velocity keyswitches, then get an error message and page doesn't show
- fixed

Plus some other minor bugs.

Tune Smithy 4.5 Mac Beta - June 9th, 2015

Windows version: Tune Smithy 4.5 for WINDOWS ONLY - June 9th, 2015

6th June 2015

With the earlier uploads - if you change to the polyrhythm metronome task in Tune Smithy, you find the program turns into Bounce Metronome with no way to get back to the other tasks in Tune Smithy. This happens because Bounce Metronome is actually one of the tasks of Tune Smithy - the main program is got by just leaving out all the other tasks.

This fixes that - adds a Tasks menu to Bounce Metronome when you get to it as the polyrhythm metronome task in Tune Smithy so you can switch back to the other tasks.

Also adds a new window that lets you send playing style keyswitches from Bounce by pressing buttons. These are often used by sample player instruments. E.g. Kontakt instruments. Lets you change playing styles, e.g. for string instruments notes that were pre-recorded as arco (just normal bowing), staccato, vibrato, tremolo, pizzicato etc. Click to Send keyswitches now (Ctrl + 286). Also have extended the new piano keyboard theremin visuals to the circular theremin. For a little more about these two options see the Bounce Metronome post: 6th June - "Click to send playing style keyswitches" window and circular piano style graphics for theremin

Also fixes some bugs with Sort Scales or Arpeggios (Ctrl + 15) including some access violation errors you can get in some situations with this option. And adds a new option 'c' to sort by whether or not a scale is a constant structure, and adds a new option in the drop list

^cv (constant structure, valency)

This may be useful for microtonalists interested in this type of scale.

Tune Smithy 4.5 Mac Beta - June 6th, 2015

Windows version: Tune Smithy 4.5 for WINDOWS ONLY - June 6th, 2015

26th May 2015

Work on the UI. More consistency in the menus between the windows - they all have a file or project menu now, and also a task change menu.

The previous beta had all the scale construction windows removed, a bug - this is fixed.

Various other bug fixes.

New capabilities for the mouse theremin and also worked on its compatibility for kontakt instruments and kontakt scripting - which now permits long seamless pitch glides. Also now can stereo pan by pitch and various other capabilities. See Bounce Metronome Change Log for 26th May for details - the theremin changes are the same for Tune Smithy and for Bounce Metronome as it is the same code.

Also - in previous upload if you navigated to the "polyrhythm metronome" then it turns into the Bounce Metronome interface with no way to get back again. That's fixed in this upload - adds a Tasks menu to Bounce. Basically that means that Tune Smithy 4.5 is like an extension of Bounce Metronome and has Bounce in it as one of the tasks - the main difference is that the stand alone Bounce doesn't have a Tasks menu so you can't change to the other tasks. Bounce is a subset of Tune Smithy 4.5.

Tune Smithy 4.5 Mac Beta - May 26th, 2015 for Snow Leopard or later (this latest upload is not yet available for Leopard)

Tune Smithy 4.5 for WINDOWS ONLY - May 26th, 2015

April 13th 2015

This adds the TEMPO Theremin to the Theremin Options (Ctrl + 40). When used with multi-touch then this lets you play polytempi. Tempo depends on the frequency, so for instance a note an octave higher plays the repeating note twice as fast. A 3:2 ratio will play a 3:2 polyrhythm. You can use the L keyboard shortcut to "lock" the rhythm on the next note - restarts all the rhythms currently playing together, all playing a single note, at the moment you press the L key.

Note, this version uses the same channel for the mouse, and for the joystick, if you have a joystick attached, so you can't play the mouse polyrhythmically with the joystick or joysticks with each other. But I can add that as an option in the future.

Tune Smithy 4.5 Mac Beta - April 12th, 2015 for Snow Leopard or later (this latest upload is not yet available for Leopard)

Tune Smithy 4.5 for WINDOWS ONLY - April 13th, 2015

April 12th 2015

Fixes a bug with the joystick theremin - couldn't use it to play notes (only to change pitch and volume of notes after they are pressed with the mouse)
- fixed

Lots of other bug fixes.

It also incorporates all the fixes I did recently for the Tune Smithy Lambdoma and for Bounce Metronome if you use any of the relevant windows for those.

Tune Smithy 4.5 Mac Beta - April 12th, 2015

Tune Smithy 4.5 for WINDOWS ONLY - April 12th, 2015

February 26th, 2015

Most recent fix is that before it couldn't show the Theremin window. It also fixes some things in the velocity keyswitches and with the tune smithy tunes

Tune Smithy 4.5 Mac Beta - February 26th, 2014

Tune Smithy 4.5 for WINDOWS ONLY - February 26th, 2015

December 20th 2014

Tune Smithy 4.5 Mac Beta - December 20th, 2014

Tune Smithy 4.5 Mac Beta for LEOPARD ONLY (OSX 10.5) - WITH 3D BOUNCE December 20th, 2014

Tune Smithy 4.5 Mac Beta for LEOPARD ONLY (OSX 10.5) - WITHOUT 3D BOUNCE December 1st, 2014

December 14th 2014

Adds just about all the Bounce rhythm features such as swing and auto accents, swing and accent curves, rhythms in music notation, euclidean rhythms etc. Also adds the "Play ordinary rhythm or polyrhythm" to the "Main Window Seed as bar charts (Ctrl + 76)". EXPERIMENTAL - These features are not yet properly tested in Tune Smithy.

Main bug fixes

Sometimes when you go to File >> Open or File >> Save As - when the fractal tune pauses and all the notes switch off - one or more of the notes in the fractal tune may get stuck on
- fixed

Missing the seed volumes and times chart in the "Main Window Seed as bar charts (Ctrl + 76)" window
- fixed

Tune Smithy 4.5 Mac Beta - December 14th, 2014

Tune Smithy 4.5 Mac Beta for LEOPARD ONLY (OSX 10.5) - December 14th, 2014

Tune Smithy 4.5 for WINDOWS ONLY - December 14th, 2014

December 10th 2014

Tune Smithy 4.5 Mac Beta - December 10th, 2014

Tune Smithy 4.5 for WINDOWS ONLY - December 14th, 2014

December 6th 2014

Main thing removed "Eject disk" from top menu.

Tune Smithy 4.5 Mac Beta - December 5th, 2014

Tune Smithy 4.5 Mac Beta for LEOPARD ONLY (OSX 10.5) - December 6th, 2014

Tune Smithy 4.5 for Windows - December 6th, 2014

November 30th 2014

Main new thing - fixes a bug that caused Tune Smithy to stop responding on the Mac if you load the SCALA scales, and now has the SCALA scales archive as a droplist.

(The problem was an issue with droplist entries with two many characters all to one line of a droplist. Not sure of the reason - but was fixed by truncating all droplist entries at 512 characters - which is far wider than any normal screen so nobody would notice - and then having a backup array of the full text for each entry - which is what you get when you click on an entry in the list, in this case one of the SCALA scales).

Also - with previous upload if you used Quit from the top menu, doesn't always work. Now does.

As well as that, removed various things that don't do anything on the Mac. For instance, there is no way to show a saved scale in SCALA as far as I can tell, because Tune Smithy can only locate other programs inside its wineskin - so I don't think there is any way it can start up SCALA and pass a scale to it.

Tune Smithy 4.5 Mac Beta - November 30th, 2014

Tune Smithy 4.5 Mac Beta for LEOPARD ONLY (OSX 10.5) - November 30th, 2014

Tune Smithy 4.5 for Windows - November 30th, 2014

Other minor fixes.

October 2nd, 2014

Tune Smithy 4.5 Mac Beta - October 2nd, 2014

with Windows version:

Tune Smithy 4.5 for Windows - October 2nd, 2014 (fixes bug in installer uploaded earlier today which uses wrong icon for the desktop shortcut).

SCALA on the Mac

This is just for reference, many users of Tune Smithy also run SCALA - so you may be interested in how I got SCALA running on the Mac, see

How to install SCALA on the Mac

Other Mac Betas

See also: All the Mac Betas in one list

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