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Many metronomes have a light or something like that that comes on for each beat, but not particularly optimized for visual use.

This page is for metronomes that are designed to be especially easy to use as a purely visual metronome. It is a selection from the Big list of Windows and Online Metronomes page.

If you have any favourite visual metronome left out of this list, do let me know!

Windows Metronomes

Bounce Metronome Bounce visuals

Professional Metronome - Bounce visuals

On-line visual metronomes

Web Metronome - Block style visuals

Apps with Visual Time Indication

Metronome Bounce - App store link Bounce Visuals

Viziklik Visual Metronome - Purely visual metronome (no sound) with alternating pattern of black and white squares, good for peripheral vision.

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