Touch Mars? Europa? Enceladus?

Or a Tale of Missteps?

Copyright © 2017 by Robert Walker (UK). All rights reserved

This cover shows an astronaut searching for fossils on Mars. It's called "20/20 vision" and is by Pat Rawlings, courtesy of NASA. I've superimposed on it photos of two of the most interesting icy moons for the search for life, Jupiter's Europa (on the left) and Saturn's Enceladus. Both are thought to have subsurface oceans. Enceladus has geysers that erupt through its icy crust into the vacuum of space, and Europa probably does too.

At lower left you see a Europa, released by NASA in 2014. It's the result of stitching together photos taken by the Galileo spacecraft in 2001. At lower right you see a detail from the geysers of Enceladus (taken by the Cassini spacecraft in 2007).

There's a higher resolution version of the cover here.

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