Change log for Tune Smithy 4.2 Release for the Lambdoma
updated 4th August 2011

4th August 2011 upload

New "Super Simple" version with many of the windows and options hidden. Change to Advanced mode or back to Super Simple via the Opts menu.

Removed the bounce feature from Super Simple. You can show it again if you go to Advanced mode, then to Opts >>Options and select "Show Bounce - EXPERIMENTAL".

May remove the bounce completely in a future update. Let me know if you particularly need it. It is a bit buggy at present so may fix the bounce bugs first so it can be evaluated properly.

Switched off edge smoothing for the Lambdoma on-screen keyboard. The reason is that it made the playing action sluggish on some machines because the smooth lines were slower to draw (tested on a netbook with Windows 7 starter and integrated graphics chip).

If you want the smooth lines back for the Lambdoma on-screen keyboard, switch on edge smoothing for "Other 2D Graphics" in the Opts >> Options window.

Still preset to edge smoothing for the Lissajous curve. If this is too slow, you can switch it off in the Opts >> Options window.

Fixed some bugs in the way the sustain and sostenuto pedals worked.

Made it so the default is to process sostenuto in FTS (configured from In >> Midi In Options >> Opts 2 (Ctrl + 207). The reason is that many synths and soft synths don't support sostenuto. Also at present the sostenuto for the Rhythms Lambdoma only works correctly if you process sostenuto in FTS.

Added new option "Treat sustain as sostenuto" in In >> Midi In Options >> Opts 2 (Ctrl + 207). This is useful if you don't have a sostenuto pedal - sostenuto may be more useful than sustain for the Lambdoma sometimes as it lets you selectively sustain a few notes as a kind of a drone and play other notes on top of them normally. (Sostenuto pedal sustains only the notes that are currently held down at the moment when you press the pedal).

New icon for Lissajous 3D and new default for Lissajous 3D using a tube instead of a ribbon to show the curves, which looks better, gives a clearer idea of the 3D shape - and computers are now fast enough for it. Be sure to download latest version of Lissajous 3D and choose File >> New in Lissajous 3D. The curves should then look like this:

Lissajous 3D pattern for a harmonic polyrhythmic triad 1/1 5/4 3/2
For more about this see Triads, Harmonic polyrhythms and 3D Lissajous Patterns.

Added a warning message if user attempts to start up a second copy of FTS Lambdoma when it is already running - e.g. because of double click on desktop icon - something that could lead to confusion if first copy has monopolised the Midi In and Out.

With the rhythms Lambdoma the drone should sound for a second after the end of the last note played - just as for the drone for the Basic Lambdoma. But instead it was playing the drone endlessly- fixed.

As for the Basic Lambdoma you can configure this in the Drone window. So if you want the drone to continue endlessly, you still have that as an option.

Lots of minor fixes and improvements.

6th June upload

Adds new "Beeps" drop menu to wave shape player.

Fixes a newly introduced bug in last upload, you can only select one instrument per session from the Wave Shape Player - fixed

Other very minor fixes and improvements.

3rd June Upload

Added a new option in the Lissajous Pattern Options window (More twice version of it): "Display frequencies alternately horizontally and vertically (so show 1st note played horizontal, 2nd note vertical, ...) rather than by pan position". This gives many ways to display the same chord depending on the order you play the notes. E.g. play 1/1 5/4 3/2 or 1/1 3/2 5/4 in that order and you get a different Lissajous pattern.

Here are a few examples:

BTW could also do it so that the notes are stereo panned to match the patterns so not just drone on one side, but the frequencies also on either side in notes of three or more chords - can add that to wish list.

Other new features

Now you can change the instrument for the notes when the notes are already sounding - the sound changes instantly, no need to release the notes and play them again.

Shows whether the CAPS LOCK, NUM LOCK etc. sustain pedal is ON or OFF in the title bar for the on-screen keyboard, also shows the amount of the mouse wheel controller

Highlights the quadrant button for the current quadrant.

Auto selects Midi In as Lambdoma Keyboard if only one midi in device.

The on-screen music keyboards are preset to a wide enough range in octaves to show all the Lambdoma notes of the 16 by 16 Lambdoma - 8 octave range for the single line keyboard and 5 rows each of 2 octaves, 10 octave range for multi-line keyboard.

A fair number of other minor changes and bug fixes, which make the experience of using the software smoother and easier.

11th May upload

Fixed issue - if you plug the USB midi in while the software is running, may not be able to play the notes right away even though the device is selected in the In Devices window (Ctrl + 249) (you may need to reselect the device or click Open Midi In in the same window).

10th May upload

Fixed an issue which lead to some builds of the release candidate not recognising some unlock keys.
Oboe instead of flute for preset instrument
woodgrain instead of shades of blue for preset skin.
Now automatically finds and detects the USB midi if you plug it in after the program starts - so no need to plug it in first before you start the program. Also if there is only one midi in device, auto selects that. And auto treats as the Lambdoma 8 by 8.

Added black on white skin and pale blue skin, also put these into the Visuals drop menu.
When you change to black on white skin via menu, auto sets the 3D bounce to obsidian uncoloured bouncing balls+ light grey for the sea to match the black on white style as best can do in 3D, on select another of the presets in the menu goes back to the normal blue sea and coloured bouncing balls.

Removed some Bounce menu items from the Basic Lambdoma menu (they don't do anything in the Basic Lambdoma without the rhythm and bounce)
Now preset to show conducting patterns (if selected) for all the parts instead of just one of them.
Fixed issue which meant that in some circumstances you find you can't switch on the buzz roll.
Now shows ratios instead of decimals in title of Bounce window.

Fixed issue of tempo dial shows wrong tempo for notes played below 1/1
Fixed issue of wrong bounce positions and incorrect numbers shown for some rhythms
Fixed issue of wrong icon for Show LIssajous in 3D in main window, and some skins not showing some of the custom icons
Fixed some error messages which are over technical and can confuse the user.
Disabled Shift + Click fast forward - this is a fractal tunes feature but is confusing if you press Shift + click on the play button by mistake and get notes played faster than expected.

Fixed a couple of access violation crashes that could occur in rare situations
Now automatically starts play when you select Lambdoma with Rhythm from the droplist (without this feature, user might get confused, since when not playing, is exactly same as the Basic Lambdoma).
Added viewcon to devices to hide in midi out, and to auto select in midi in.

On auto select input device, also automatically treat as Lambdoma keyboard as well.
Fixed issue that pc keyboard 'g' plays wrong note when you use PC keyboard to play the on-screen Lambdoma
Fixed issue: on-screen keyboard shows up blank when program starts up if Lissajous patterns set to show the curve as drawn and draw slowly.
Fixed issue: On click to stop play changes to Play icon (as it should ready to start play again) but then changes back to stop icon
Fixed issue: if you play some notes then click to change the quadrant, then continues to show the previous ratios for the notes already played until you play the new notes when the ratios update to show their new values.

That's a selection of the most important ones. Many other minor bug fixes and improvements.

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