Download Tune Smithy 4.7 Beta for the Lambdoma
updated 16th June 2017



Click here to download LATEST BETA FOR WINDOW

Setup FTS Midi Lambdoma (6th June 2017) [20 MB]

The version for Mac (new) is here: FTS Lambdoma for Mac Beta (currently out of date - so after download, you need to update it with the Windows installer on this page if you want to have the very latest - see Updating the Mac Beta)

For the older version 4.2, visit Tune Smithy 4.2 (2011) Release for the Lambdoma


The latest since 25th March 2015 installs automatically as FTS Lambdoma 4 Beta as a separate program with its own folder and desktop.

So you no longer need to do anything special to install this as a new program.

It won't overwrite your old version of Tune Smithy 4.2.

Any questions about this be sure to contact me.


16th June 2017

Setup FTS Midi Lambdoma (6th June 2017) [20 MB]

6th May 2015

In Midi In Sync by note on (Ctrl + 279) - added option to bypass all midi notes. Also option to play early by a set number of milliseconds (you could do that before by setting it to "sleep" for a negative number of milliseconds but that was unintuitive, so fixed that).

Added extra More version of Most Recent Note Played from Midi In (Ctrl + 27) which shows time received and played for all notes received from Midi In.

General minor tweaks in user interface for these windows (text for the controls, and layout etc).

New Multi Tempo Theremin (Ctrl + 282) for the rhythms Lambdoma. You can use this to play one of the harmonic polyrhythms with continuously changing pitch and tempo.

It is work in progress. I'll add a preset button later on to make it easier to set up. Right now, if you want to give it a go you need to

Now when you play notes creating harmonic polyrhythms with the Rhythms Lambdoma, you can go to the Mouse Theremin Window (Ctrl + ) and play the same rhythm with the pitch and tempo changing as you click on different places in the theremin window.

Other tweaks

For more about this see the Bounce Metronome blog for 6th May 2015.

Setup FTS Midi Lambdoma (6th May 2015) [20 MB]

12th April 2015

Changed how "Play extra 1/1 each time rhythm repeats" works in Lambdoma Rhythm Options (Ctrl + 267). Before it repeated just like the drone at the 1/1 - and had a bug which meant it played all the time - I expect few used it.

Now it plays the 1/1 every time the rhythm repeats. (What it does technically is find the least common multiple of the lower numbers - the denominators of the rhythms, and - suppose the denominator is 15, say, it will then add an extra part playing a beat at a tempo of 1/15 of the tempo of the 1/1).

Also fixed various bugs. For instance first time the program runs on a new machine it may show all the windows many times - fixed. And other user interface improvements and bug fixes.

Setup FTS Midi Lambdoma (12th April 2015) [20 MB]

11th April 2015

Desktop shortcut now renamed to "BETA - Tune Smithy Lambdoma 4 Beta" with the word BETA first - that makes it easier to spot which is which on the desktop. Note if you installed it before then you may end up with two desktop shortcuts both starting up the beta, if so can delete the duplicate.

New options for volume sensitivity. This lets you vary the volume depending on where you touch the key on the screen - and the new options let you set it to be loudest at the centre, horizontally, vertically, or both (both likely to be rarely used), or at top, left, right or bottom of the keys. Plus the other existing volume sensitivity options made clearer, how they work.

Also have now done it so that the volume of a repeated rhythms Lambdoma note depends on the first note played, and you can vary the volume of one of the repeated rhythms lambdoma notes by moving your finger around on the key as it plays. Configured in the Lambdoma Rhythms Options (Ctrl + 267) window.

New option "Show e.g. *5* for 5/4" in main window, configured in

Highlights any harmonics that are reduced into the first octave above or below the 1/1

Examples: shows

1/1, 2/1, 3/2, 5/4, 7/4, 9/8
as *1*, *2*, *3*, *5*, *7*, *9*.. .

Shows the inversions

1/2, 2/3, 4/5, 4/7, 9/8
as _2_, _3_, _5_, _7_, _9_...

You can also set it to show it like this when the key is pressed only.

Fixes some bugs for interaction of the sustain with the rhythms Lambdoma and on screen display of highlighted sustained notes.

Setup FTS Midi Lambdoma (11th April 2015) [20 MB]

25th March 2015

The latest since 25th March 2015 installs automatically as FTS Lambdoma 4 Beta as a separate program with its own folder and desktop.

So you no longer need to do anything special to install this as a new program.

This adds an option Ctrl + click on the quadrant buttons and the 16 by 16 button to shift everything up by 7 in the infinite Lambdoma.

Also adds an option "Show e.g. *5* for 5/4" which helps you to locate the pitches such as 5/4, 9/8 etc which are harmonics shifted by octaves into the range 1/1 to 2/1. It also shows 4/5, 8/9 etc as _5_, _9_ etc. This is available in the main window, and also in the "Configure what to show" window (Ctrl + 123) where you'll also find an option to show it only when the mouse or key is held are held down.

Fixes a bug for multi-touch playing of the keyboard with sustain (sometimes notes may remain highlighted when you click a second time to switch the note off if you use two or more fingers to play it). Also fixes some other minor bugs.

Setup FTS Midi Lambdoma (25th March 2015)

15th January 2015

This removes the chord progressions and sequences - e.g. the preset instrument set up to play the Pachelbel Canon chord progression as a preset - which makes no sense for the Lambdoma - when you try to use it, you just get silence.

And also has the non melodic percussion menu hidden away if you search for it. I can't think of any reason why anyone would want to use non melodic percussion with the FTS Lambdoma.

So - I've excluded all that for next upload. You can still show, e.g. the non melodic percussion menu, if you know the window number or set the Organize Windows list to show all possible windows in the program - but will get a warning that it is not intended for use with the FTS Lambdoma.

Setup FTS Midi Lambdoma (15th January 2015) [20 MB]

14th December 2014

Setup FTS Midi Lambdoma (14th December 2014)

30th November 2014

Now has a version for Leopard on the OSX download page.

Fixed some issues with the highlighting of notes played with use of sostenuto or sustain or both together. This is not an issue with the sounds played, just the highlighting. For example, sometimes you play a note and it is no longer highlighted although it is sustained or held down still through sostenuto.

Fixed some highlighting issues also with the on screen keyboard played using multitouch
- fixed.

Sometimes when you do an "all sound off" with e.g. F11 (or Ctrl + Shift + F11) some of the notes remain highlighted on the on screen keyboard
- fixed

May auto select single quadrant for a midi device set to 4 quadrant
- fixed

Not highlighting current midi In device when you first show the Midi In devices window
- fixed

Setup FTS Midi Lambdoma (30th November 2014)

2nd October

Just bug fixes.

If you set one of the parts shifted up by an octave in the Parts window - then when you click on the keyboard you find the note is shifted up in pitch by two octaves instead of 1, and the ratio displayed on the keyboard also changes
- fixed

File >> Standard Settings in FTS Lambdoma 4 resets to a polyrhythm + 12 equal
- fixed - also improved the message you get when you do this.

Standard Settings button missing from the main window - fixed.

In the Parts window, where the silence button is labelled: "Silence Part 2 now" - it only mentions the first part if you highlight several parts.
- fixed

For that same button - if you highlight several parts, some of which are silenced and some not - if you click on the button it toggles the state so the previously silenced parts play and the previously played parts are silenced. Unlikely for a user to want to do that - so now the default is that it will silence them all if the first part is set to play - or set them all to play if first part is silenced. You can use Shift + Click still if you want the old "toggle state" type behaviour.

Setup FTS Midi Lambdoma (2nd October. 2014) [20 MB]

27th September

Mainly - have now tested it with the hardware midi FTS Lambdoma and fixed a couple of major bugs there - no surprise as I hadn't tested it with the hardware Lambdoma for a while and I was expecting it to have some bugs to fix.

Also fixed an issue with the instruments selection menus - Improved how the instrument selection windows work - show whether the current instrument is selected in any of the parts and lists which parts it is selected in - before - if you select an instrument with one of them - the other ones all go blank.

Also that when the instruments menus were first shown they were sized a bit too small by default. Other very minor bug fixes.

Setup FTS Midi Lambdoma (27th Sept. 2014)

21st of Sept.

Many bug fixes and changes.

Also adds a new Keyswitches window for working with software instruments. Tested mainly with Qin RV by Kong Audio, but will also work with any other instruments with keyswitches. It's in Pitch (menu) >> Send Playing Style Keyswitches (keyboard shortcut Ctrl + 268).

In Pitch (menu) >> Auto Harmony (Ctrl + 145) - added new option "Play the extra notes quieter" which lets you play the auto harmonic chords quieter than the main playing note.

Added new window: Pitch (menu) >> Make Lambdoma with Missing Rows and Columns...

This lets you skip some of the rows, for instance you can only show "five limit" ratios. That's the default for this window

To make the five limit Lambdoma - first click "Filter to products of" buttons and you'll get the undertones as:

1/1 2/1 3/1 4/1 5/1 6/1 8/1 9/1 10/1 12/1 15/1 16/1 18/1 20/1 24/1 25/1

with the overtones as:

1/1 1/2 1/3 1/4 1/5 1/6 1/8 1/9 1/10 1/12 1/15 1/16 1/18 1/20 1/24 1/25

(if it doesn't show them like this already)

Then click "Make product of these two scales" and you'll get the 8 by 8 Lambdoma filtered to 5 limit ratios. This is useful for composition especially.

Similarly you can filter it to 7 limit or 11 limit ratios etc. You can also set the overtones and undertones for the product scale individually as desired.

Also is now optimized for touch.

Also adds multi-touch capabilities. If you have a Windows machine with multi touch such as the surface Pro, then you can play the on screen keyboard with several fingers simultaneously. In the case of the surface Pro you can use up to ten fingers simultaneously (and same is true for some other recent Windows touch tablets and touch screen laptops). You can also buy a monitor with ten finger touch to plug into a normal Windows computer as its second monitor, at quite a reasonable price nowadays.

Note: we plan to charge extra for the software for the multi-touch Lambdoma (with half going to Barbara Hero) - but this is an early stage release of the feature at present.

In the meantime your unlock key for FTS Lambdoma also unlocks the multi-touch features. Details to be worked out later.

If you have any problems with this upload let me know. You can revert to the previous version by running the installer for 4th August and install "over the top" of your installation.

Setup FTS Midi Lambdoma (21st Sept. 2014)

Older upload (didnt bother to do a change log)

Setup FTS Midi Lambdoma (18th Sept. 2014)

Previous update: 4th August 2011