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All Tune Smithy WindowsAll Windows/Metronome/Seed/New Seed (Ctrl + 3)All Windows/Metronome/Tune (Ctrl + 4)
Analyse soundAndante in C Major - Robert WalkerAutoLinkPages
Beginner's TutorialBeginners TutorialBounce Metronome Jottings
Bounce Metronome Pro Wish ListC-codeCSound
Cents and ratiosChord progression playerEn:Public domain
Endless CanonsFAQFAQ - Composition Retuning
FAQ - Fractal TunesFAQ - GeneralFAQ - General - auto
FAQ - How to play a keyboard in alternate tuningsFAQ - Midi File SaveFAQ - Music Making
FAQ - Music Making - auto conversion testFAQ - Scale ConstructionFAQ - Scale Construction - auto
FAQ - Soft synthsFAQ - Trouble ShootingFTS-How-To
FeaturesFeatures for Musicians, Composers, and Musical Scale DesignersFibonacci rhythm and tonescapes
File formats used by Fractal Tune SmithyFractal Composer and PlayerFractal Tune Chords
Fractal Tune FeaturesFractal Tunes - First StepsGeneral Midi
Harmonics and just temperament
How can I help?How do I play lattice scales from the PC keyboard or use it as a Janko keyboard?
How to let user click and drag anywhere on window or dialog to move itHow to record to Wav and Mp4 in Vista or Windows 7
How to set FTS up to compose music for the LambdomaHow to set up FTS to work together with SCALA
How to show a dialog full screenHow to unlock Kontakt pitch bendingHow to use fractal tunes in conventional compositions
LambdomaLambdoma Music Therapy Wish List
MFX plug inMain PageMain Tasks
Main pageMake a new meantone scaleMaking Moments of Symmetry and Hyper-MOS scales
Member projectsMetronome and PolyrhythmsMicrotonal chords
Monster keyboard c-code sketchMusical note intervals
NewsOther proposals we looked at, for retuning using undefined controllers, undefined RPNs, other methods with velocity keyswitches and using undefined Midi messagesPenrose Tilings
Pitch artefactsPreset install folder for Vista and Windows 7Press release
Questions PendingQuestions for FAQ
Ratios with factorsReferenceRegistry Entries
Retune Compositions with FTS Check ListSCALA Keyboard mapSCALA scale
SandboxSandbox - ExamplesScale Notations
Scales, arpeggios, and intonationScordatura keyboard scoreScore:Andante in C Major
Seeds and fractalsSelf Similar "Sloth Canon" type number sequences
Self Similar Sloth Canon Number Sequences
Some basic conceptsSort Scales
Tasks for Tune SmithyThe scales in the velocity keyswitches retuning Kontakt script
Tune Smithy Melodies for other sequences in the OEISTutorials
Tutorials:Composition RetuningTutorials:Fractal tunesTutorials:How to echo to WAV in the Wave Shape Player
Tutorials:How to select the task in Tune SmithyTutorials:How use FTS to compose microtonally
Tutorials:How use FTS to compose microtonally (verbose)
Tutorials:Useful ways to modify a tune you already likeTutorials: How to Retune a Score with Tune Smithy - Tutorial for Sibelius - Retuned to 7 EqualTutorials: How to convert Midi to Wav
Tutorials: How to install Tune Smithy and Loopbe1 for Composition RetuningTutorials: How to play the Lambdoma from a conventional midi keyboardTutorials: How to record to midi
Tutorials: How to set FTS up to compose music for the LambdomaVelocity keyswitches retuningVelocity keyswitches retuning script - to do list
Velocity keyswitches retuning script wish listVirtual midi cableVisual connection - Koch snowflake and Cantor's dust
What is the wish list forWhy Kontakt only?Why notes of the harmonic series sound good together
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