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The wish list is for wishes from users of my programs, or wishes that I have myself for future development.

See also: Bounce Metronome Pro Wish List and Tune Smithy Wish List

Often I can program wishes right away, and for those, they just go straight into the program and then into the What's new page on the web site for the program.

But sometimes I can't do them right away.

Reasons for that can include:

  1. Lots of wishes that occur in quick succession.
  2. I don't have the time to do the programming straight away, for some reason
  3. Not sure where to put it in the program
  4. Wish is technically difficult to code
  5. Wish involves user interface complexities - e.g. not sure how to get the user input
  6. Don't know yet what direction I'm going to take the program, so whether it is relevant or not.
  7. Feel that new ideas may be needed before it is clear how to implement it - or that there may be other wishes in the same area.

Often I find it is better to wait until it is clear what needs to be done - this leads to a cleaner architecture, and often simpler programming too, many things that seemed extremely hard to program or to design a user interface for may later become simple, or almost trivial with a new idea about how to do it.

So - if you have any wishes for my programs, do share them.

Some I'll program probably quickly and they will appear on the What's new page for the next update. Some get put into wish list and may be added in the near future. Others may seem hard to program in the immediate future but still relevant and interesting - or may be a FAQ - so I'll add them to the wish list with an explanatory note.

All of them though are valued. Some also may lead indirectly to new things that neither of us thought of.

Please be aware of my standard disclaimer for bug reports and suggestions.



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