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General Options...

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General Options...

View help on-line

Select this if you want to read the help on the web site rather than on your computer...

Rarely needed.

Usually you don't want to select this since the help you have already matches the version of Tune Smithy you are using. If you have a release candidate of Tune Smithy, then the help that comes with the program is more up to date than the on-line help.

The main reason for using this option would perhaps be to avoid the warning message that appears at the top of every page in Internet Explorer that the page has javascript on it - because of the moving menu highlight and the java script scale calculators in some of the pages.

If you view the pages on-line then - for the same identical pages - IE doesn't show this warning message. An alternative is to use FireFox which also doesn't show the warning.

If are a user of Internet Explorer, and you want to use Firefox to view the help in Tune Smithy, go to the More File Association Options window (Ctrl + 43)), where you have an option to use FireFox - without changing the preset browser for your computer so you can continue to use IE in other contexts.

In the situation where you haven't updated to the latest Tune Smithy, it is possible that the on-line help may sometimes be more recent. In this situation it is normally going to be better to update to the latest FTS than to view the help on-line, so that the help matches the version of the program you are using.

Remove Memory Stick Batch Files...

Set to 200 or more for very old PCs, 50 or less for newer ones...

This changes how often lists and text fields can update. E.g. when relaying from midi in you may want to see the instruments in the Parts window update in real time as they get changed. The same applies to the various fields that update as the tune progresses etc.

The actual parameters update immediately but the displayed values can lag behind the actual

Help = F1

Click for help for this window. Or F1. Other opts: Shift , Alt, Ctrl + click...

F1 or click shows the help for the current window in your web browser.

Some windows may have no help yet in which case the help icon is shown crossed out with a red line.

Shift + F1 or Shift + Click brings up the tool tips extra help window (this window) to show any extra help for a tool tip.

You can tell if a tool tip has extra help if it ends ... like this one.

Ctrl + F1 or Ctrl + click takes you to the list of keyboard shortcuts for Tune Smithy.

Alt + F1 or Alt + click (alternatively Caps lock physically held down + F1 or Click) takes you to the on-line page at the web site about the current main window task - which gives a short introduction to it for newbies to the program. If there is no on-line page specific to a task, takes you to the main tune smithy page on the web site.

Since the help for Tune Smithy is currently a bit out of date and needs to be redone completely for the new 3.0 release, then you may find the on-line page for some of the newer tasks particularly useful.

Organise Windows = F2

Reset, or Save settings for this window. RIGHT CLICK for all windows menu...

Shows the Organise windows window - which you can use to reset all the parameters for the current window.

You can also use it to save the settings for just this window, or open previously saved parameters for just this window.

Also has a drop list of all the windows and their shortcuts, and related options - some to do with the menu listing, and some to do with window resizing and minimising.

Other Dialog Star

Tip of the day - For All category - right click for neighbouring windows...

Left click for a tip of the day in this category.

Right click to see a menu of neighbouring windows.

The neighbours are the ones you most often move to after this one or within a minute of this one, arranged by popularity.

So as you continue to use FTS, it will learn your habits, and the neighbouring windows listed here, should be the ones you most often visit after this one.

Neighbours, and Previous - Up - Next

Tempo and volume for fractal tune (Ctrl + 20)

Tune (Ctrl + 4)

N.B. This list of neighbours may change when these pages are updated.

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