Bounce Metronome, Tune Smithy, Lissajous 3D... on Intel Mac!

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Metronome to play almost any rhythm - all time signatures including odd, swing, drum rudiments, polyrhythms, mixed meters... Like a conductor’s baton, bounce visuals help you keep good time.... Download your free taster bounce metronome and your 30 day free test drive of all the Pro features.

The Kickstarter campaing is over, and is a success! However, for a while, you can still contribute via PayPal, for anyone who missed the campaign.

The amount raised this way doesn't add to the total on Kickstarter. And you can't change the amount with a new contribution - that just adds to it.

The reward is the same, an unlock key for all my programs, which is sent to you 14 days after the kickstarter project finished - some time around 22nd June. I will also send you updates about the project as it progresses (you can opt out of these if you prefer) - and then will email you when the Mac versions are available for download.

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