Music and Virtual flowers

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Fractal Tune Smithy 1.082 a

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The links open the fractal tunes in FTS. To install it visit the download page. You can then hear how they continue, or change the parameters and transform them into your own tunes..

You can also send a Tune Smithy musical 3D e-card!

african xylophone african jungle amble any day now ascending above the clouds
astonishment away on a long journey bagpipe and marimba Basson solo with harp celesta and glockenspiel birdcall like
bitter sweet calling to each other across the valley Cheerful panpipes echo effects in rests echoes
eskimo hexatonic experimental familiar territory fast ripples fiddle tune
flute flute and guitar with non melodic perc [111 KB] flute+ flute2 flute3 with accompaniment



fractal percussion with harp Getting ones bearings guitar recorder tubular bells happy sad hawaian scale [115 KB]
heavenly chimes scale with shanai etc Islands fiddle playing java jazz scale Journey through unknown territory
kalimba showcase koto and shakuhachi long melody major chords round the cycle of fifths - Bach temperament major and minor scales fractal [127 KB]
marimba with string quartet merry dance modern pelog scale cello music box and perc