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Music and Virtual Flowers

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Here you will find pictures and music clips which were the result of various inventions relating to music, flowers, and shapes. Some are made using special programs which you can download and use to create shapes and tunes yourself. contact:

Virtual flowers etc - Music - Windows Newbie tips - Exploring Mars - Links and contact info


Virtual flowers, shapes, animations and geometry

Virtual flowers gallery and screen saver

Anaglyph garden


Virtual flower java applets.

Star polyhedra (interesting geometric shapes), and Star spheres

geodesic sphere construction, and construction of the hyper-cube (tesseract)



Send a Fractal Tune Smithy musical greeting card.

FTS 1.082 a cards FTS 1.082 b cards FTS 1.09 a cards FTS 1.09 b cards

Listen to the Fractal Tune Smithy tunes:

FTS 1.082 a FTS 1.082 b FTS 1.09 a FTS 1.09 b

Listen to some Polyrhythm metronomes. - metronomes with several beats running independently, e.g. 3 5 and 7 beats to a bar simultaneously, etc.

Various java applets for such musical tasks as converting cents to / from ratios, making a meantone scale, etc: Cents and ratios Also has an applet for solving the quintic by Newton's method. You can download them all in a single zip here:

Bird song in Midi, Send a bird song call greeting card .

Some tunes and improvisations.


Windows Newbie tips

Users of my programs are often newbies to Windows. Then there are a number of Windows tips that are relevant to advanced users too as they are not so very widely known. You can easily use Windows for quite a while without discovering all of these shortcuts. So I have done a couple of web pages to address these needs:

Keyboard shortcuts for Windows and Windows Baby Tips.


Exploring Mars

This is just something that I feel strongly about:

Open letter on Mars exploration


Links and contact info

Robert Inventor's program's (Windows) - Make the flowers, tunes and anaglyphs yourself:.


My sister is a Primary School teacher by training with a wealth of experience in teaching young children of age 5 upwards. She has also been involved in teaching other Primary School teachers how to introduce their pupils to the internet and computers. She also designs web sites for Primary Schools mainly, also other areas. She is something of a flash expert, particularly for flash animations suitable for young children again - and in her teaching she gets the children to do flash and powerpoint presentations too. If you want help with making a web site for young children to use, or want training in teaching internet skills to young children, be sure to visit her web site:

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