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Font resizing

You can change the text size via a Text Size or Zoom option in the View menu of Internet Explorer or FireFox. Other browsers may have similar options. This works for all web pages on this site and most modern web pages.


  • Windows: CTRL with + or - to increase or decrease text size
  • Mac: Command with + or - to increase or decrease text size


Access keys

  • Accesskey 0 - Menu of access keys (this page)
  • Accesskey S - Skip ALL navigation - to the main text
  • Accesskey X - To the left navigation pane - skips top navigation
  • Accesskey Y - To right navigation (if present)
  • Accesskey 1 (one) - Home page
  • Accesskey 2 - What's new page
  • Accesskey 4 - To the search facility on the site
  • Accesskey 8 - Acceptable Use
  • Accesskey 9 - Feedback (Contact)
These provide an alternative means of navigation for the site.
  • For Windows - press ALT + the Accesskey for the desired option in the list above, then press ENTER
  • If you use the FireFox browser - press ALT + SHIFT + the Accesskey
  • For Macintosh - press Control + the Accesskey

For more details, see Access in different Browsers (wikipedia) For instance, With FireFox on Windows you can use Alt + Shift + the access key to activate the key immediately - no need to press Enter.


Example - how to go to the home page

So for instance, to get to the home page, in Windows use Alt + 1, then press the Enter key. On the Macintosh, use Ctrl + 1.

In the case of the home page, where this takes you to depends on where you are in the site. When you are browsing one of the products, it takes you to the home page for that product. Otherwise, takes you to the products page listing all the products available.


The standard access keys

We have implemented the UK Government guidelines for recommended access keys - which have become something of a de facto standard.

(see Building in universal accessibility + checklist section 2.4.4)

Here is the complete list of recommended access keys

  • Accesskey S - Skip navigation
  • Accesskey 1 (one) - Home page
  • Accesskey 2 - What's new page
  • Accesskey 3 - Site map
  • Accesskey 4 - To the search facility on the site
  • Accesskey 5 - Frequently asked questions (F A Qs)
  • Accesskey 6 - Help page/facility
  • Accesskey 7 - Complaints procedure
  • Accesskey 8 - Terms and conditions (including privacy statement)
  • Accesskey 9 - Feedback page

So, S, and the number keys are standard and follow the UK Government guidelines. The other letter keys, here X and Y, are site specific.

Access keys are supported by FireFox, Internet Explorer 4 or above, and Netscape 6X versions.



For more about access keys, and other links, see Access Keys (wikipedia article)


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