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Title: Tune Smithy behaving erratically
Post by: Wabi on September 07, 2009, 11:24:07 AM
using the MIDI Player mode, the equal temperament scale works fine,
any other scale if selected produces detuned scramble music most of the time.
The demo version runs for a few minutes only, must be quick in starting
and setting all parameters. Then sometimes I was able to play music
in a just temperament, when selecting an other temperament  again
everything goes wrong. The program is unstable.

so what. sigh.
A software which ALMOST does what I want, ALMOST.

my system: Win XP32, external sound card with MIDI, Yamaha A5000 sampler.

Will have to buy an external hardware midi relay tuner.
Software isn't what is ought to be.


Title: Re: Tune Smithy behaving erratically
Post by: Robert Walker on September 07, 2009, 01:33:00 PM
Did you try starting the test drive?

Go to help | Start Test Drive, Buy now or Unlock.

You get a 30 day test drive during  which you can try the program completely unlocked, just as it is when you buy it.

Also, you need to match the program with the capabilities of your synth or soundcard etc. To do that run the wizards in the Out menu such as the Out Device Capabilities wizard and the Pitch Bend Wizard. That solves some issues that may lead to scrambled notes - for instance some synths can only handle one pitch bend at a time, so are unable to play "pitch polyphony" with the pitch bend method so you need to match the program with the device.

If that doesn't fix it then let me know and we can see if we can sort it out, at least in the beta, ready for the next release. But just a warning, it can take a while with a few e-mails back and forth to sort things out if it is a complex issue especially if I can't reproduce it here as sometimes happens.

I do the best I can :-).