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Title: Archived Posts
Post by: Robert Walker on February 09, 2011, 04:49:52 PM
Hi Everyone,

Just started an "Archived Posts" forum, as a way to deal with very old posts on the forums.

This archive is for old posts about older versions of Bounce Metronome which no-one has replied to for a very long time.

If the post is a wish or in some way is still relevant, I'll leave it in the main forum but if most of it is way out of date, then will move it here to make the main forum more approachable for newbies to these forums.

You can't reply to the posts here, as this forum is "read only". Only administrators can modify it. (This is to avoid confusions about which posts are archived and which aren't).

If you want to continue any of these discussions, or reply to anything in these threads, just start a new topic with the same title in the main forums.

Thanks, and thanks for those who posted in these discussions. They were valuable and helped to improve the program.