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Title: First release of Bounce Metronome Wednesday April 15th 2009
Post by: Robert Walker on April 14, 2009, 09:05:49 PM
This is the first release of Bounce Metronome Pro - as version 3.1 because it is an update of the rhythm player task in FTS 3.0 released as a separate program.

You can get it here: (

New features since the last release of the Rhythms and polyrhythms task include:

  • Swing and Lilt
  • Dance rhythms window
  • Skip beats
  • Hide bouncing ball for any part
  • The 3D Bounce
  • Bouncing ball following conducting style patterns and inside and outside oval
  • Harmonic metronome
  • Tap out new rhythm using PC keyboard, mouse or midi input
  • Tap out tempo
  • Vista style shading of the textured buttons
  • hot highlighting of the textured buttons and icons
  • Tempo dial
  • Preset Black on White and White on Black visuals for the tempo dial and bouncing ball for visuallyimpaired, auto selected depending on accessibility settings of the computer.
  • New main window designed for blind users and others who mainly interact with the program using the keyboard without visuals.
  • Many improvements in accessibility
  • Single menu for all the windows.