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Title: Fonts
Post by: cloudsquall88 on January 26, 2011, 02:53:34 AM
For some reason, the musical notes font doesn't appear like it should. It only shows some weird icons like a mailing box on my pc. What should I do to fix this?

Also are the fonts customisable in this program? I can't seem to find it, if the functionality is there.

Thanks in advance, your application is the best!

Title: Re: Fonts
Post by: cloudsquall88 on January 26, 2011, 05:15:52 PM
I'm truly sorry for being a nuisance, for some reason I just hadn't installed the Bach musicological font. Problem solved.
I also found out where to change the fonts ( Visuals > SKINS... > Font , for anyone who had the same question).

Again, I love this application and, as someone said in another post, I would really appreciate it if you could organize the interface in the next release.I think such a functionality-filled application deserves it.

Have a nice day (or night).

Title: Re: Fonts
Post by: Robert Walker on January 26, 2011, 07:19:20 PM
Great, glad you found the solution.

Yes that check box seems to be rather easy to switch off - you're not the first it has happened to! Perhaps the name makes it seem like something you only need if you are a musicologist perhaps??

For the next upload: I've changed the check box to read: "Install Bach 4.1 Font - NEEDED TO SHOW MUSICAL NOTES"

So hopefully in future less likely to get switched off.

Also glad to hear you found out how to change the font as well. Yes that's how you do it.

At the moment you can only change the font for the whole program including skin etc, can't e.g. set a different font for different sections of the program -but if that's what you want to do then it can do that. With some fonts you may want to adjust the "font scaling" in the font dialog from 100% - some may be too large so some of the text in the windows may get cropped - and with other fonts, then the text is too small.

Yes - I do a lot of re-organising of it, and for me anyway it is a gradual process.

With this next upload amongst other things I've done work on making the menus better set out - just the names of the items really - small details but they make a difference. Also the layout of some of the windows.

Nothing dramatic but you may find some of the menu drop downs a bit easier to read especially the Tempo and the Visuals drop down with next upload. Also better layout for the 2D and 3D sky windows with drop downs rather than check boxes, and some other minor improvements.

I will be interested to hear if you think the next upload is heading in the right direction. And will continue to think about how it might be better set out.

Just about ready, hope to upload it tomorrow.

Glad you like the program. Have a nice day (or night) too. It's night here, off to bed now, hoped I'd get the next update ready but it's not quite ready, nearly there but better to take another final look at it tomorrow before uploading it.

Title: Re: Fonts
Post by: Robert Walker on January 27, 2011, 07:05:39 PM
Okay here is the download now

Download Bounce Metronome (

What's new (

Hopefully improved a bit... And also fixes a number of minor bugs which could have confused things sometimes.


Title: Re: Fonts
Post by: cloudsquall88 on January 28, 2011, 11:53:29 AM
Hello again, loved the new release and thank you for replying so quickly.

The reason I write again is that I have another suggestion.

I know you have already implemented .wav files that you can load instead of midi sounds, and that you can even
use your own wavs. The thing is, the implementation is somewhat buggy. Or is it just my pc? I have quite
good specs, I don't think the RAM couldn't handle three small (4 KBs each) wav files.

I think fixing this system would be very nice for a next release, because that way, we could also
have a voice calling out the number of each beat, as is  the case with the metronome in Roland's TD Vdrum series.

Title: Re: Fonts
Post by: Robert Walker on January 28, 2011, 05:58:27 PM
Rightio that's a nice idea, thanks!

Yes, that option to play an audio file on every note is old code and uses a rather simple way to do it. Particularly, it would be no surprise if there are synchronisation issues or problems that occur if you have too much polyphony for it to handle.

It's not to do with the spec. of the machine particularly. Coded properly then should have no problem doing it on any modern machine. But the way it does it is - just to give the flavour of it - perhaps a little like starting up Windows Media Player for each note, not quite as bad as that, but too  much overhead on each note to expect it to have good synchronisation on any except perhaps slow and undemanding rhythms. Technically, what it does is use the routine mciSendCommand which is really intended for playing audio clips  (and other multimedia), not particularly for a sample player.

A better way to do it is to integrate it into the Wave Shape player - it could be made to work more efficiently like that, like a sample player.

Then - as you suggest, could have a different wave file instrument for all the numbers you want to use, record an audio clip for each one, and then set up the rhythm to play those audio clips.

Or another idea, maybe I could use the Microsoft Narrator voices in some way (Microsoft Sam in XP and Microsoft Anna in Vista / Windows 7). What I don't know is how easy that is to do and also, how good the timing is if you want the words to be spoken exactly in time.

So that's a big unknown, whether it will work. But if it worked the advantage is, you could get the program to speak any of the numbers and words you can see visually with the bouncing words and numbers. Which also of course would be a great benefit for blind users as well.

Just a couple of links for future reference, will add this to wish list.

Open Source Speech Synthesis engines (

Text to Speech Sample code at CodeProject (

AT & T Wizzard Speech Synthesis ( - particularly high quality voices which are included with some screen readers and text to speech applications - but involves quite high initial expense for the developer.

The sample player idea should work. With the speech synthesis can surely do the coding but not sure about the timing and whether it can be synchronised with the rhythm.

Both are likely to involve a fair bit of work, so it's something to research and for now I'll add to the wish list rather than do right away. Well worth doing!

Thanks for the suggestion.


Title: Re: Fonts
Post by: Robert Walker on January 28, 2011, 06:53:04 PM
Oh - just had another idea.

The speech synthesis engines usually have an option you can use to render the text to a .wav file instead of saying it directly. So - what Bounce Metronome could do is to render each text it needs to speak to an audio file (just use the text as the name for the file).

If the file already exists no need to re-render it of course (unless the user has changed some of the settings such as pitch of voice, speed of the speech, etc.).

Then after that - it would work like a sample player, and just play the audio file rather than invoke the speech synthesis engine.

If you do it that way you don't even need to integrate the speech engine directly into the program either. You just need a speech synthesis engine which can be used as a command line tool or in some other way used by the program to convert text to audio directly.

That I'm sure is do-able. Just need to research into what is the best way to do the rendering of text to audio, and need to do the extra coding for the Wave Shape Player to play samples instead of those mathematical shapes. That's not particularly advanced coding as you don't need to do any pitch shifting, or extending the length of a short sample, or special programming for the note off. Just play the sample exactly as recorded (and at same pitch even).

Beginning to sound definitely do-able at some point and mightn't take that long either. Some time need to set aside a few days to work on it and see how it goes, and has potential to make quite a difference so should go fairly near to the top of the wish list I think. Might be a natural thing to look into when I do the work on extracting the beats from a recording, as that's a closely related area of the code.


Title: Re: Fonts
Post by: cloudsquall88 on January 28, 2011, 07:10:18 PM
It's really nice to see you working so passionately on your application and taking into consideration people's suggestions.
Good luck with everything, I hope that Bounce Metronome becomes the standard metronome software at some point in time.
At least I know I have suggested it to every musician friend of mine I come across :D.

Title: Re: Fonts
Post by: Robert Walker on January 28, 2011, 08:30:49 PM
Great, thanks for your recommendations!

Just did a bit more research into the Microsoft TTS and modified that codeproject demo to convert text into a .wav file. So can easily make a small 50Kb or so command line tool I could easily ship with Bounce Metronome. Plus could do so user can change selection of narrator, text speed etc I'm sure, not much more work probably. Anyway so can see how to do that part and it is very easy indeed, maybe a few hours work at most to get something usable for the program.

So - just the sample player to program, that will be more work, will leave that for now (as I have other things I really must do right now) and come back to it later.

Thanks again for the idea. Nice thought and will help many other users I expect once it is done.