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Author Topic: Sound fonts and midi to wav  (Read 2694 times)
Robert Walker
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« on: December 01, 2009, 06:01:27 AM »

Hi everyone,

I've just been adding audio to the example animations for the web site and youtube. It involved saving to midi, then converting the midi to wav with ITunes or Timidity. Gets made as a wav file with same name as the animation. Then next time the animation is saved the wav file gets merged with it.

So I did a few examples by hand, which you can see if you visit my youtube site here:

But it is taking far too long to do each one, so been gradually automating each step. Automatic output of midi was easy, as the program already does it, and automatic merging of wav ditto. So that just leaves converting the midi to wav. Doing that by hand is what took the time.

So I'm going to add an automatic conversion of midi to wav using Timidity, which is GPL but you can use GPL programs as "plug ins" as I found out for MEncoder so that's okay.

So that will also be useful for anyone who wants to convert saved midi files to wav in FTS. So, I'll make it so that you can automatically convert any saved midi file to wav in the Record to File window as well.

So that's in the next upload.

I thought I might start posting about up and coming new features here. So may do more posts like this. Hope it will be ready later today.

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