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Forum for Tune Smithy, Bounce Metronome and other software from Robert Inventor
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Author Topic: Kickstarter for Bounce Metronome, Tune Smithy, Lissajous 3D... on Intel Mac!  (Read 1444 times)
Robert Walker
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« on: May 08, 2014, 06:16:48 PM »

For any of you who don't know, I've just started a kickstarter to get Bounce Metronome, and my other programs, running on the Mac.

See Bounce Metronome, Tune Smithy, Lissajous 3D... on Intel Mac!

You can keep track of progress here, a site that lets you enter the url of any kickstarter project and see how it is progressing.

(I think this chart will auto update as the numbers change)

 It's now at 38%, with 14% of the total pledged today (May 11th just updated this), 27 days still to go.

Hopefully that means it's going to happen. Surely it will get to 41% now and of technology projects that get to 41%, then 85.5% of them have gone all the way to success. On Kliktraq its currently trending to 194%, though it's far too early to treat that as an accurate estimate.

You can help a lot, either by supporting it - the reward for your pledge if it succeeds is an unlock key for all my software, with everything unlocked in them all - or by sharing with your friends and others who would appreciate it.

Including liking the page, +1s, forum posts, anything for a bit of a buzz about it - of course only where welcome - makes it easier for others to find it.


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