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Title: FTS- Chord Player
Post by: Wally on October 20, 2008, 08:20:31 AM
Hi Members,

I just joined today and I am looking forward to learning as much as I can in regards to this fantastic program called Tune Smithy.

My interests include tuning theory, music theory, musicology and playing the electric guitar, Hammond organ and Piano.

In reference to the chord player, when I play back my progression (which is a just a simply 4/4  12 bar blues progression) I noticed that about half way through the progression the rhythm "goes out of time" (slows down and sometimes speeds up) and then returns back in sync. (time). I'm sure it is a simple adjustment somewhere in my settings.

Any idea what setting would correct this?

Thank you

Title: Re: FTS- Chord Player
Post by: Robert Walker on October 20, 2008, 04:54:28 PM
Hi Wally,

If this happens at irregular moments, from time to time, it may be a CPU load problem. You can try increasing the priority - go to the Tune Timing window (Ctrl + 20) and set the priority to highest instead of high. If that fixes it or makes it better, and if setting the priority low makes it worse, then that suggests it is a CPU load problem.

You might have some program or service that's using a lot of CPU, but only momentarily so that it is hard to spot on the Task mangaer. Virus scanners can do that sometimes, also firewalls - sometimes the only solution there is to change to another virus scanner or firewall (or you can temporarily disable them for music making when off-line, if you know what you are doing).

The Microsoft Indexing service is rather notorious for doing this sort of thing and you may want to disable it if it is switched on. All it does is to slightly speed up file and folder searches, and many specialist users, especially musicians, find the impact on performance doesn't justify the benefits. At any rate you can temporariily disable it and see if that fixes it to help isolate the cause of the problem.

Start | Control Panel | Performance and Maintenenance | Administrative tools | Indexing Service - highlight then Properties, Startup type, set to disabled..

But if it always does it at the same point in the chord progression, then it is likely to be one of the settings, or may be a bug of some sort. If so then the best thing is to send me a support project - do that from Help | Save As Project for Tune Smithy Support. I'll use that to attempt to reproduce the bug, and if it necessary ask for more diagnostics.



Title: Re: FTS- Chord Player
Post by: Wally on November 11, 2008, 07:51:41 AM
Hi Robert

Yes you are correct. I loaded FTS 3.0 this morning and played my chord progression in the Chord Player and did not have any timing issues. I usually have many Firefox Tabs open during the day (to monitor the stock markets and news) and like you said, this may have been causing my timing problems. All fixed. I will definitely look into your other recommendations which may also help in preventing future timing issues. Thanks again. Great program !