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Title: Help: retuneable keyboard/synth
Post by: steve on October 28, 2009, 05:30:05 PM
Hello Everyone,
I am wanting to play a a keyboard in altermative tunings or set the frequency of each key on the keyboard.

I am pretty much computer illiterate and the more I try to find out about this the more variables there seem to be till I feel like my head is spinning and giving up.

Is there a very simple fool proof recipe for either re-tuning a particular hardware synth, or getting a soft synth that is retuneable (and how) that my modest laptop can play in good quality.


Title: Re: Help: retuneable keyboard/synth
Post by: Robert Walker on November 21, 2009, 03:34:56 PM
Hi Steve,

I think it just is a bit complicated, unfortunately.

I tried a reply to your e-mail but it got very long and with sub-sections etc, so seemed better as a wiki page.

Here it is:

It's the best I can do, so hope it helps a bit :-).

Readers of this post - do step in if you have any suggestions!

I know that many of you have a great deal of experience of using many synths, soft synths and so on. Many users of my software do this full time, or as full time as they can if combined with another job.

I can't say as much for myself, I do some composing and rendering of my compositions to audio, enough to feel involved in it all myself, but mainly what I do is do the programming of the software. When it comes to synths and soft synths a lot of my experience comes from helping users of the software to get Tune Smithy to work with their synths or soft synths via e-mail, plus working with some of them myself on my computer when I can to find out how they work.

So anyway - I've answered Steve's question as best I can but I'm sure some of you can do a better job of it. Especially, perhaps share your own experiences of various synths, soft synths etc for microtonal work.

I can help with technical aspects of how the midi works, or of course, what Tune Smithy or Bounce Metronome can do. Also if you have any issues with particular synths I can work on the software to do what I can to resolve them if I can.

Look forward to hearing your experiences on this topic. I often get asked this question or similar, so if you have any suggestions or things you want to share, very probably you'll be able to help other users of the software by doing so.