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Forum for Tune Smithy, Bounce Metronome and other software from Robert Inventor
Question: Which of these would you most like to see - you can vote for more than one
Add triplets etc. to drum & dance rhythms - 1 (25%)
Add your own conducting patterns - 1 (25%)
Better Midi Sync. - 1 (25%)
Abc notation to add tunes to the rhythms - 1 (25%)
Bounce in time with pre-recorded audio or video - 0 (0%)
Pitch bounces as extra cue and for blind users - 0 (0%)
Something Else (please reply with wish) - 0 (0%)
Total Voters: 1

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Author Topic: What would you like to see next in Bounce Metronome?  (Read 4012 times)
Robert Walker
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« on: January 15, 2011, 03:55:07 PM »

Hi Everyone,

These are all practical things I could add to in Bounce Metronome.

So -which of them interests you most?

Some need a bit of explanation probably
  • Pitch bounces - the idea is an effect slightly pitched like sound of the wind, rises and falls with the bounce, and gets softer and louder too so most noticeable just before the note needs to be played. Could be version of the bounce for blind musicians or if you aren't looking at the bouncing balls.
  • abc notation -special text format for entering notes. Also quite a few tunes already available in this format in on-line abc libraries. Bounce Metronome then would be able to play the tune. It's for the Drum & Dance view which already has stripped down version of abc just for rhythms. Wouldn't be able to edit a score directly.  For more about abc see Wiki article: Abc notation.
  • You can already get the beats from a recording in the Beta - click on the start of the beat in visual display of the recording - works well enough when you know what to do - but needs a lot work before it is user friendly. Expect to do that soon and it's a feature asked for several times by e-mail. Once it is ready there are various ways it could be used.
There's more about some of these ideas in the wish list. Also quite a few other wishes, couldn't put them all in the one poll.

You can find the full wish list here: Bounce Metronome Wish Lst . Or any questions about them or ideas just ask away or say what's on your mind Smiley.

Add your own wishes

Any wishes of your own be sure to say!

I've done many of the earlier wishes in the last two years as you'll see from the wish list and also done many more as a result of e-mails which never got into the wish list as I just did them.  

So - your wishes for Bounce Metronome can come true Smiley.

Poll background.

I am sent so many wishes by e-mail and thought it would be nice to get the same thing happening on-line in the forum if I can. It's a nice way to engage with the users of the program.

This poll is just to get some feedback and start a discussion.

Obviously whether a wish is actually programmed, and how soon it can be done depends on many factors including how easy a feature is to program and whether it fits in with other stuff.

For instance soon there will be a new option to get beats from a recording by clicking on it visually - itis already programmed in the beta and works with the bounce on a lyric (karaoke style) - not yet ready for release. So I'll be doing something there for sure but details not clear yet.

Things I can't do it right away usually go into the wish list - along with a note of some of the main issues and some ideas of how it could be done, if I have any immediate thoughts about those.

Also if you have any ideas for polls like this one do say, could be fun to do a few more.



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Robert Walker
Full Member
Posts: 165

« Reply #1 on: January 18, 2011, 11:38:58 AM »

BTW good page showing how complex you could get with rhythms involving triplets and other n-tuplets including nested within each other and things like play just part of one n-tuplet, then put in another one before finishing the first one etc.

The actual programming to play this sort of thing probably wouldn't be that hard if one figured out a good way to  let the user input the rhythms. E.g. some sort of ascii notation  maybe based on how triplets and n-tuplets are notated in abc?

Tempo Mental

Is this sort of thing on  your wish list for BM Pro anyone?

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