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Title: Looping animations for save, and add music to the animations
Post by: Robert Walker on May 31, 2010, 03:09:19 AM
  • Looping animation save - make animated gifs or avi files etc which loop continuously back to the start without a jump
  • Add any music you like to the .avi files - e.g. for upload to youtube etc.


Both are feasible.

For the looping animation then the pattern needs to be modified to get the loop to work. The challenge is to make the pattern change as little as possible.

I have an idea there which if it works will keep the pattern essentially the same most of the way through. The idea is to take  the frames for the last few seconds of the pattern and warp them to the frames for the same number of seconds of animation before the start of the animation save. But don't know how well it will work until I try it out.

If that doesn't work out then the other approach is just to modify all the parameters to loop exactly at the desired time, so changing the pattern into one that works.

Adding music to the avi is straightforward as I already have the code in Bounce Metronome Pro. Basically just copy / paste of existing code and a bit of work on the user interface. Should be able to do this when I next do a major update of the software.