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Title: Thumbnails and Play List of Lissajous patterns
Post by: Robert Walker on May 31, 2010, 03:02:10 AM
Here are a couple of things from my own wish list to get the topic started

  • Thumbnails of the Lissajous patterns so you can see what the pattern is like before you open the file, similar idea to image thumbnails. E.g. in File | EXAMPLES & Files as LIst
  • Option to play any sequence of Lissajous files one after another - same way as the screen saver plays a random sequence of patterns. Also then could add an option to to play back the patterns for the most recent run of the screen saver


Both are straightforward. It is a matter of thinking about how best to do it. For the thumbnails I'll probably do it using a "listview" control i.e. similar approach to the way images are shown in your files explorer for windows when you set it to Medium Icons or larger for a photo album etc.

The play list can be a  simple text file play list probably, list each file by name in the order they need to be played, followed by the time to play each file in seconds.

Thumbnails need a bit more thought, about how to store the thumbnails, and how to present them to the user - perhaps look into how Windows does it and see if I can hook into that and provide thumbnails just in the Explorer windows as other programs often do.

So anyway, expect these features when I next have time to do a major update of the software.

Please don't be shy, if you have any wishes for the program for the future then post about them here or contact me directly. I often add features to my programs in response to user wishes.