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Forum for Tune Smithy, Bounce Metronome and other software from Robert Inventor
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Author Topic: New Bounce Metronome Pro Wish List  (Read 4034 times)
Robert Walker
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« on: June 02, 2009, 08:16:44 AM »

I've opened a wiki page in the FTS wiki with the latest wish list:

The idea is that it is easier to edit the page in the wiki and keep all the wishes in one place. I can add your wishes back to the wiki page and edit it to show the current status of all the wishes so far.

But to add new wishes, or comment on them it may be easier to post to this forum instead of editing the wiki yourself.

So here, as a basis for comments and new wishes, is a copy of the wish  list as it is so far:

Reorder the parts by the number of beats

Order the parts strips in the Bounce Metronome Pro bouncing balls display so that the one with most beats is at the top. Optionally let the user also move one of the parts up or down e.g. with the up / down arrows.

Should be feasible to do this.

Click on a beat to accent it as well as skip the beat

Click on the diamond to skip a beat could cycle through:

skipped, normal volume, accented.

This should be easy to program. Main thing is to think through how the accents would interact with the user edited volumes e.g. in Adjust seed or individual beats (Ctrl + 76).

Keyboard shortcuts to mute individual parts

Main issue here is - what should the shortcuts be. Implementation would be trivial.

Play a midi file through bounce metronome pro and synchronise the bounces with the midi file

Should be feasible if the midi file is recorded with a tempo track so that the program can  keep track of where the bar lines are. Not sure how hard or easy it would be.
To play an audio recording through the program and synchronise the bounces

This is likely to be very tricky unless the audio recording uses a steady beat. You can synchronise with an audio recording with a steady beat by hand by tapping on the tempo dial or with the backspace key in time with the beats.

Improve the way the bounces are found from a recording so that the program finds the beats automatically more easily

This part of the program is derived from some code I did for pitch tracing so doesn't work so well with percussion and it would work better if the tracing took more account of the volume at the start of the note and attempted to locate when the volume envelope starts.

Add an export option to export the visuals as a loopable animation

- i.e. for exactly one cycle to the next repeat of the animation. This would make them suitable for looping graphics on web sites such as my web page here: [ Bounce Metronome Visuals]

Add a feature to let a conductor conduct a conducting pattern with the mouse or in some other way

Idea is, the program records it so you can then play it back for your practice session. Seems a feasible thing to do if there is demand  for it.

Any thoughts on any of this?

Any new wishes?

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