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Title: Some things already on my to do list
Post by: Robert Walker on April 21, 2009, 04:57:27 PM
Here is part of my wish list as it is at present:

  • To be able to play a midi file through bounce metronome pro and synchronise the bounces with the rhythm of the midi file.
  • To play an audio recording through the program and synchronise the bounces.
  • Improve the way the bounces are found from a recording so that the program finds the beats automatically more easily - this part of the program is derived from some code I did for pitch tracing so doesn't work so well with percussion and it would work better if the tracing took more account of the volume at the start of the note and attempted to locate when the volume envelope starts.
  • Add an export option to export the visuals as a loopable animation - i.e. for exactly one cycle to the next repeat of the animation. This would make them suitable for looping graphics on web sites such as my web page here: (
  • Add a feature to let a conductor conduct a conducting pattern with the mouse or in some other way, which the program records so you can then play it back for your practice session.

Do you have any other wishes. Does anything in this list appeal?

Do say = or any new ones that you have in mind.

I listen to feedback from users when designing the software and coding new releases. So what you say will be read by the developer of the software, and you may well influence the way the program develops.

For direct contact, my e-mail address is: get in touch if you have any questions, suggestions, or whatever relating to Bounce Metronome.

BTW sometimes I'm off-line for a few days or longer - If so I'll reply as soon as I'm able to - just so you understand if you don't get an immediate reply to an e-mail.