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Contact: Robert Walker

Activity Timer - Keeps track of the time spent on projects.

Robert Inventor has released Activity Timer 3.1.

You can use this program to keep track of the time you spend using the pc keyboard or mouse. It is ideal for those who work at home and want to keep track of the hours they work - or for those who work on several projects at once and want to know how much time they spent on each one.

You can also show eye protection alarms. These act as a reminder to rest your eyes, look away from the screen, blink and so on, and help releive the tiredness in the eyes you can get from long sessions at a computer montor. Depending on what you need, the options include an unobtrusive progress bar type border around the screen, musical alarms, splash screens, right up to a screen saver that takes over the whole screen and interrupts your work until you press escape. The splash screen options can use any image on your computer, and there's a web page option which can be used to display movies too for the eye protection alarm.

You can also show alarms as a reminder to stop work at the end of a session, for instance after 90 minutes. These again can be a flashing border, musical alarms, splash screens or the screen saver again.

The project times can be exported as databases in csv format. You can also show the time worked on the projects by day, or week, for any time period. There's also an option to save a detailed break down of all the sessions worked for each project during the day.

The program comes with an automatic backup utility which you can use to schedule daily backups.

Features include:

More advanced features include:

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The installer is freely distributable. You can include the installer from the download page on any CD compilation. See the download page for a screen shot.

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Activity Timer download page.