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Extra skins
What is Activity Timer?
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Extra skins
What is Text Echo?

Download Activity Timer 3.2
updated Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

Please note that this program is for Windows. It can also be run as a Windows program in Linux with Wine - see Wine Compatibility..

The download

To download click here (or right click and choose Save As):

Setup Activity Timer [2.4 MB]

You can also use this installer to update Activity Timer if it is already installed.

Supported operating systems: Windows 9x / ME / 2K / XP / Vista. Also runs fine in Linux with Wine (tested for Wine with KDE) - see Wine Compatibility.

When your browser asks you whether you want to save it or run it from its present location, the usual thing is to choose Save. Take a note of where you saved it. (It is also okay to use Run from its present location espeically if you have a broadband connection )

After the download

Once the download is complete, the browser may offer to run it automatically. If not, look in the save folder for Setup_Activity_Timer, and run it (usually with a double click).

Or if you chose Run from its present location just wait and it will run automatically.

On Vista you will probably be asked if it is okay for the installer to run. Just say Yes it is okay to go ahead. It requires administrative priviledges to make shortcuts in the All Programs menu, also on the desktop (if you ask for that).

XP users may get a message saying that the publisher of the software couldn't be verified. Unfortunately, I am unable to support this verification initiative in its present form. Not many publishers do. Just say Yes it is okay to go ahead.

All the programs on this site are adware, malware and virus free. For an independent report, see the McAffee site advisor web safety ratings for


The install

Press Next.

Glance at the install directory to see if that is where you want to install it - the preset location of C:\Program Files\Activity Timer will be suitable for most.

Click Install. Finally click Close, and the installation is complete. Activity Timerwill run straight away.

To run it again in the future, look for the Activity Timer icon on your desktop, or go to Start | Programs | Activity Timer | Activity Timer. Or you can set it to start whenever windows starts.

You can delete the installer if you wish - the installation is complete. Or keep it for possible future use.

This installer is very system friendly. It doesn't change any system files or settings. All it does is to install Activity Timer into its own folder, and add shortcuts to it to the desktop (if wished) and the Start menu.

You may want to install the extra skins as well - these have been left out in order to reduce the download size. See the Activity Timer Skins page.

The old version 2.0 is also still available if anyone needs it for some reason: Activity Timer 2.0 Setup Program [0.6 MB]


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