Witching hour

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Witching hour ... Click for large image
Witching hour
yellow orange rounded square waves

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Made with: Lissajous 3D

These are frames from Lissajous 3D animations. You can take these patterns as a starting point, and vary the parameters to make your own new 3D spirographs and Lissajous figures. You can run it as a screen saver too, and watch any of these patterns as they swirl around and change shape on your screen.

For a preview of some of the animations, see the flash movies at Lissajous 3D web site They can be saved as Flash animated JPEGs or PNGs, or you can save the animation as separate frames to convert to a movie in an animation program.

Lissajous 3D was used to make this web page too. You need to enter the text for the title and intro etc, and then you can make or remake the entire gallery with a single click of a button. To add new patterns to the gallery, you just save the new pattern into the appropriate folder, and remake the gallery.