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seashore surprise seven point snowflake seventeen point snowflake shape with magnet shape with planet shape with planet 1 shawl shield shaped mauve spirograph
shocking pink strata Simple 3D lissajous Simple 3D lissajous inverted in sphere six fold gold spiral six fold gold spiral shield six point drifting snowflake six point drifting snowflake 2 sky dragon
sky hook skyscraper slythy toves snowdrop space creature space flower spiky spiky flower
spin spiral rays spiral wheel spirally gold white spirally rainbow ribbon spiro petals spiro petals2 spiro spring
spiro twist spirograph drifting rose spirograph inverted spirograph inverted2 splash Spring copper beeches spring shadows square wheels spiro2

List Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 9

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With Lissajous 3D, you can turn this pattern around in 3D or set it spinning with your mouse, and transform it in many ways. You can also make your own images and animations like this for your web pages. See Other features.

Or to explore the musical connection, watch the Lissajous patterns change shape in 3D as you play chords in Fractal Tune Smithy. See The musical connection

To get the program and the screen saver, download and install Lissajous 3D.

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Lissajous 3D - relaxing patterns and screensaver - box shot with Lissajous Splash pattern against shadows on snow - box shot

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