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Download Your Free Test Drive of Lissajous 3D
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What is Lissajous 3D?
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Download Your Free Test Drive of Virtual Flower
What is Virtual Flower?

Day full of promise

This is the first transparent Lissajous pattern made with the program

100, 150, 200, 400

Click on those links to see other sizes of image for the animation - the number shows width and height in pixels.

Animation sizes:

100 (0.9 MB), 150 (1.6 MB), 200 (2.4 MB), 400 (6.2 MB)

Screen saver and make your own animations

You can also install Lissajous 3D as a screen saver on your computer, also use it to make new animations like this of your own.

The program comes with a Free Test drive with all the features completely unlocked (start the test drive at any time):

Download Lissajous 3D

To read more about Lissajous 3D, go on to:

The Screen Saver or What is Lissajous 3D


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Lissajous patterns and Spirographs - slides and Movies

Textured Patterns slide show

Lissajous Slide Show

Slide show Gadget

Animated slide show Gadget (broadband best)

Day full of promise animation

Youtube videos

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Create virtual flowers, Lissajous curves, and geometrical patterns in 3D - 3D Art
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