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Download Your Free Test Drive of Lissajous 3D
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Download Your Free Test Drive of Virtual Flower
What is Virtual Flower?

Textured Lissajous Patterns

You can use any picture for the background and for the pattern. The pictures can twist and turn like reflections in a hall of mirrors.

Download your Free Test Drive of Lissajous 3D!

This one uses a photo of a lotus:
To find this in Lissajous 3D, download and install the program and look for Lotus Spiral in the Texture Exs.

Download your Free Test Drive of Lissajous 3D!

All the examples here are in the same place - under File | EXAMPLES and Files as list for the stand alone program and in the Screensaver Patterns Options window for the screen saver.

You can use any of your own images in the same way. Try photos you took yourself or get pictures and textures from on-line sources such as the images in Wikipedia articles about your favourite artists (many of the images there are public domain). Supports all the common image formats such as jpeg, gif, png, bmp, tif etc. To change the image for any of the animations, you use Pattern | PATTERN TEXTURE in the installed program.

If you are ready to download the program right away, go to next. To learn more about it read on.

The program comes with some example works of art by the French Impressionists and Japanese Prints - the Impressionists were inspired by Japanese Prints. Also some photos. If you install the Lissajous 3D Extra skins then all the skin textures get installed as textures for the Lissajous patterns as well.

Here is a pattern based on a couple of famous Van Gogh pictures

Van Gogh sunflower twisted tube as screen shot - or Movie as animated gif

Download your Free Test Drive of Lissajous 3D!

This shows a complex Lissajous pattern clipped, so that you only see a fragment of it - just the parts of the pattern at a particular range for the depth into the scene. As it twists and turns different parts of the complete pattern become visible - which is why you get this effect of things vanishing and appearing all the time. The same idea was also used for the Lotus Flower animation at the top of this page.

Here is one using a public domain photo of a lotus:

And to show what you can do with your own photographs, here is one based on a couple of photos I took myself

Poppies and snow shadows as screen shot - Movie as animated gif

Download your Free Test Drive of Lissajous 3D!

You can browse to find any images you have on your computer and use those instead.

Here is what it is like as a screen saver, playing several randomised textured patterns one after another:

For more examples, see the Textured Patterns gallery. These examples get installed with the newest Lissajous 3D.

Download your Free Test Drive of Lissajous 3D!

Here is another example of the screen saver with textured patterns:

Several example photos of works of art, and nature photos, are included with the program. Also if you install any of the extra skins, the textures for those get copied into the textures folder (if you have already installed them, you need to install them again to do this - or just copy the textures over from your Skins folder to your Textures folder).

Download your Free Test Drive of Lissajous 3D!

To find this feature in Lissajous 3D, go to PATTERN TEXTURE and BACKGROUND TEXTURE in the Patterns menu.

What to do next

Freeware / Shareware status: This feature is free (with splash) for movies up to 400 by 400 pixels.

You need to purchase Lissajous 3D to run the screen saver, show larger movies or images, use a large main window, or show your image full screen. Those are shareware features

You are recommended to try out the program first. See the Purchase page for details of the pricing etc.

To read more about Lissajous 3D, go on to: Other Features

To get the program and the screen saver, download and install Lissajous 3D.

The program comes with a Free Test drive with all the features completely unlocked (start the test drive at any time):

Download your Free Test Drive of Lissajous 3D!

Download Lissajous 3D


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