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Text Echo Bug Fixes

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Saturday August 30th 2008

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One major fix -was a single bug but it caused sporadic errors. Most important - occasionally, when you are editing text, mid edit, the text at the edit point would suddenly spread out over several lines, one character or one or two characters to a line:, l
ke this and you can't get the caret to move to some positions in the text, and if you continue typing, your editing instead goes to another point in the file from the place you expect it to go.

- fixed

When you use File | Delete current file on disk, it removes the file on disk as expected, but doesn't remove the file from the list of files in the Recent Files window - fixed

Several minor bug fixes.

Thursday 17th April

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When started by association for a file, if you go to Skin | Skins no other skins appear in the drop list. This is because it was looking for them in the current working directory rather than the install directory - fixed.

With combination of sort by location and show folder unselected, if you click on any file in recent files list, get message it can't be found and an offer to remove all files that don't exist from history - it couldn't find the file because it was trying to use the friendly version of the path to the file (Drive C | etc.) which is meant for display to the user - in place of the real path c:\... - fixed

If you switch on the Log next search in Find | Options for find and replace - Ctrl + O - and then do a search and replace all of a text with multiple occurrences of the search phrase, and with match case switched off, then it only replaces the first occurrence and you have to repeat to replace them all - fixed.

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Tuesday 15th April

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If you go to Open and then enter the name of a file that doesn't exist yet - offers to create it but then doesn't do anything.

Fixed - and makes a minimal HTML file if the file has extension .htm or .html, and a minimal rtf file if extension is .rtf.

Sometimes you get a message saying that the program couldn't save to its history - fixed.

Can't halt search and replace of all files in case where no files are found to match the wild cards, just have to wait for the search to complete - fixed.

Browse button for find and replace all files in a folder should show the files in the folder of the types currently listed in the list of files to search for, rather then text files - fixed

Help may not show up for some installed browsers (e.g. Maxthon) - fixed.

Numerous other minor bugs, mostly new ones introduced with the new release of 2.0. It doesn't seem worth listing them all especially since the main page link to the download file was broken at the time so probably no-one downloaded the original 2.0 release (unless somehow they guessed the correct download file name which was Text_Field_Echo_Setup.exe instead of the file name used on the web page: Text_Echo_Setup.exe).

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