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Extra skins
What is Text Echo?
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Text Echo - Colour Wheel

Here it is in use:

As you see, you can choose a colour from a long list of colour names. This in fact is the Netscape list of browser safe colour names from way back in the days when many monitors could only display 256 distinct colours simultaneously - so the web browsers tended to use a standard "palette" of 216 colours (leaving another 40 free).

The list actually originates with the Unix XWindows system, and its origins are unknown. See the Wikipedia article on Web Colors.

That is all history now. Hardly anyone does web browsing nowadays with their monitor set to display only 256 colours. But it does give an interesting long list of colour names to choose from. Also these names are supported by all modern web browsers, so web coders may be interested as you can use them by name in your html color tags (as I do extensively in this web site, e.g. for most of the colours in the navigation panes).

You can then fine tweak your colour - or make a new colour yourself

You choose which colour to change by varying the colour number - here it is set to the Echo Background. Then choose a colour by name, if you wish to work that way.

You can also use the option to pick a colour from the screen to pick up any colour which is in use anywhere on your computer screen

Then, the two bars at the right mix your colour with white, and make it dark or light.

Click anywhere on the clover pattern to select one of those colours - then click on the bars for the light / dark adjustment.

Or if you know the R G B values of the colour you want to make, you can enter those.

You can also use keyboard shortcuts - click on the colour patch and use Shift + Insert / Delete to vary the mix with white, Ctrl + Insert / Delete to make the colour dark / light, or Ctrl + Shift + Insert / Delete to vary the hue.

You have a choice of different shapes for the colour wheel - select Rectangle for the more familiar rectangular layout you get with the standard Windows colour chooser.

This shows the colour wheel for Text Wheel Echo.

To get the program, download and install Text Echo

Download Text Echo

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Download Text Echo
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What is new in Text Echo
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