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Extra skins
What is Activity Timer?


Download Text Echo
Extra skins
What is Text Echo?
Echo and edit small web page text fields
Text magnifier or font and colour changer echo
Wild words search and replace
Search and replace folders and sub folders
Replace several terms at once
Make Forwarding Redirects for web site that's moved
Graphical Interface for the Aspell Spell Checker
Editable Clipboard Viewer & Other Features

Text Echo - Editable Clipboard Viewer & Other Features

The editable clipboard viewer just shows you whatever is currently in the clipboard in rich text or plain text format.

It recognises rich text, so it will show text with the correct fonts, colours and sizes. However images won't be shown, and if you paste text which uses features not present in the rich text format, e.g. a Word document, then the original layout may not be preserved.

Here it is in action

This feature is probably particularly useful if you want to use the other features such as the wild word search and replace for text in another program such as Word which TFE can't edit directly, or so that you can edit the text as rich text. It can also be useful just so that you can see what is in the clipboard at any time.

To find this feature in Text Echo, go to Tasks | Show / Edit Clipboard Text

How to use it e.g. for the wild words search of text in another program: Copy the text to the clipboard, e.g. highlight and use Ctrl + C in the other program. Then bring up Text Echo and the clipboard text will already be visible. Do the wild word search and replace, or whatever it is you want to do with the text in TFE. Then just go back to the other program and do a paste ( Ctrl + V ) to get it back again.

You can make shortcuts to let you enter special characters, words or phrases using the keys F2 to F12 across the top of your keyboard.

Here for instance, it is set up so that if you press the F5 key then you will get a square root sign, F7 gives you a Greek Theta. F10 is used as a shortcut to enter the phrase "Text Echo ", and so on. You can use unicode characters for the shortcuts, as with the Greek letters here..

To find this feature in Text Echo, go to Opts | Shortcuts

You can edit the list of characters to show here, or indeed replace them by a list of words or whatever, which you do using the Show Font window:

Use the Save Font Chars to show to keep your selection of characters here for future use.

To find this feature in Text Echo, go to Opts | Show Font

Another thing you can do is to associate Text Echo with any file type - for instance associate with the .txt file extension, so that you will bring TFE up whenever you double click to open a text file.

You can also use this to associate TFE with a file type temporarily, because it always backs up the previous association in the registry. When you unselect the check box, the previous association gets restored.

You can associate more than four file types with TFE. E.g. suppose I want to add .js as a file type. Enter JS into one of the text fields and select the box,and it is done. When you do this, it doesn't affect the file type that was originally shown in that text field, so you can keep on adding as many file types as you like in that way, but can only show four of them at a time in this window.

BTW when you uninstall TFE then all the file associations you have made with the program from this window are restored to their previous settings - not just the ones that currently show up in the File Associations window in TFE.

To find this feature in Text Echo, go to Opts | Associate with File Types

Notice that you can also add an "Open with Text Echo" to the right click menu for your Files and Folders Explorer. When selected, this lets you show any file in TFE with a right click on the file.

Another feature that you may occasionally find useful - have you ever tried to copy / paste a section of text from a web page into another program, and all you want is the plain text - but you get all the tables and formatting as well? Text Echo has a "Paste as plain text" option. So it can be used to remove the formatting of rich text.

To find this feature in Text Echo, Right click on the main window

Freeware / Shareware status: All the features described on this page are free. You may however want to use them in combination with some of the other shareware features

To get the program, download and install Text Echo

Download Text Echo




Download Text Echo
Text Echo Manual
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What is new in Text Echo
Sorry Text Echo has been withdrawn from sale - see the download page for details




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