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Chord Progressions

Click on the name for the mp3 (rendered to audio with the Roland Sound Canvas).

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These mp3s were rendered to audio with the Roland Sound Canvas. It has sounds similar to those on the wave table soundcards you get on many computers nowadays.

You can DOWNLOAD your free trial of Tune Smithy to play any of these tunes endlessly - and by varying the parameters you can make them into new tunes of your own. To find out more, see Play & Create Tunes as intricate as Snowflakes - First steps.

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How to make fractal tunes based on chord progressions in Tune Smithy

The easiest approach is to take any of the existing chord progression tunes that takes your fancy and use it as your starting point, go to the chord progression window, and change the existing progression to something else.

Chord progression tunes based on twelve tone chord progressions include: cathedral, daybreak over the ocean, Endless Early Baroque Movement, fairground tune, In Just Intonation Dorian Mode, jungle frog chorus, just intonation noodling, Leisurely chord progression, triadic dance in three time, woozy drowsy

Ones with chord progressions but unusual tunings include: microtonal sea scape piano romance, seven equal chord progression , seven equal romp, squaring the fifth quintet

Then in Tune Smithy, go to Seed Options | Chord Progression for Arpeggios (Ctrl + 151) and enter your desired chord progression. You will notice that the main window arpeggio changes as the tune progressions - it moves through the chords in the progression as the tune progresses - that's how it works.

How to convert any of the fractal tunes into one that can play chord progressions

The basic sloth canons have long sustained notes that continue over many seeds of the fastest moving tunes. This isn't very suitable for chord progressions, though you can do something with them by playing the long notes on instruments that decay to silence rapidly like percussion or plucked notes. Generally you need to explore other settings.

You can use seed skips or choose parts by other with formulae in L to increase the polyphony. If you do it that way you will probably still get lots of suspended notes from one chord to the next depending on the settings, but sometimes this may sound good.

Another way is to make a seed with the sustain set to several notes, and then start each seed with several notes of zero length which will get sustained through the note that follows, so making a chord that lasts just for the one seed.

You can make the current arpeggio into a seed from the Play Seed, Arpeggio or Scale - Options window (Ctrl + 28). In that window, Select What to play | chords, and then choose the button "Make this chord, broken chord or sequ. into a main window seed.

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Mp3s and midi clips

For the midi clips, click on the red or blue notes below. Or click on the name below for the mp3 again.

Al Farabi's very septimal dorian harmonious [4 mins] cathedral [4 mins] comma and septimal comma steps [4 mins] comma scale steps [4 mins] Daybreak over the ocean [4 mins]
Endless Early Baroque Movement [4 mins] fairground tune [4 mins] greensleeves chords fractal tune [4 mins] greensleeves chords fractal tune2 [4 mins] greensleeves chords just intonation harp [4 mins]
greensleeves chords just intonation harp septimal [4 mins] In Just Intonation Dorian Mode [4 mins] jungle frog chorus [4 mins] just intonation noodling [4 mins] la folia chords [4 mins]
Leisurely chord progression [4 mins] microtonal sea scape piano romance [4 mins] Pachelbel canon chords [4 mins] Pachelbel canon chords2 [4 mins] seven equal chord progression [4 mins]
Seven equal romp [4 mins] squaring the fifth quintet [4 mins] squaring the octave quintet [4 mins] triadic dance in three time [4 mins] twelve bar blues chords [4 mins]



woozy drowsy [4 mins]


(1 minute ) (4 minutes )

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To find out more

Most of the tunes can continue endlessly (for all practical purposes). So, in these recordings, they fade out at the end of the clip.

To find out more, see Tune Smithying.

* Note, some of these clips may not play correctly in your web player, especially if you use Quicktime - seems to be some sort of an issue to do with the exceedingly short notes in them. You may get stuck notes or notes left out altogether They play fine normally on soundcards and synths, and play fine in real time in Tune Smithy. It's mainly an issue with the quicktime embedded player.

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