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Gle with time out

Gle with time out

Adds time outs to this OpenGL tube and extrusion library

July 14th 2003

Intro, Download, Changes


This is a fairly straightforward mod of the gle library which is used to draw tubes and extruded figures in OpenGL.

It adds an option to sleep every so often during the tube construction to reduce the cpu load, also for user to stop the tube construction in the middle if desired. It also adds a slightly more efficient way of managing memory allocation, fixes a (tiny) 100 byte leak in Windows when the library is unloaded, and finally, adds an option to vary the material properties (or anything else you like) along the lenght of the tube, not just the colour. That is done by letting user supply a routine which will be called once for every new point along the tube.

For details see changes.txt in the zip.


Source code: [392 KB]

Dll + lib file + header:

Covered by the gle library: policy, which is:

Freely distributable AS IS, no warranty.

- and it is okay to use in commercial programs.



Contact e-mail for this mod:

Robert Walker

First release:


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