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Standard Disclaimer

I'm delighted that so many people find my programs useful. They create many things based on many different ideas and points of view and I enjoy hearing about all the projects that they implement with them. I am happy to see all this diversity - please be aware however, the views of users of the programs are not those of the author of the program.

Some users also make assertions about beneficial effects of the programs, for instance for therapy. The views of the users are not those of the author (I am not a music therapist myself in any sense). Please be aware that any such assertions are the responsibility of those who make them. I make no assertions that my programs will do anything at all for anyone, or that use of them will not harm anyone (though of course it is my wish that they will be beneficial).

In some cases the programs may be used in ways that I feel are inappropriate. To see the guidelines for appropriate use see the Acceptable use page.

(As I'm sure you will realise, this isn't intended as a legal document :). Just a guide to users of the programs, explaining what my main concerns are).

Standard Disclaimer for Bug Reports and Suggestions

I am delighted to receive your bug reports and suggestions for features to include in my programs. It is great to work together with users of my programs to make better programs for everyone to use. Most users are happy with this arrangement. Seeing their ideas put into practice and the bugs fixed is sufficient for them.

Now and again, however, some users of my programs will see work on my programs as potentially high earners for myself and for themselves. To prevent disappointment I would like to make it clear to such users at the outset that I'm not interested in such ideas.

I'm delighted to work on my programs to make them better tools for you to use to make saleable products yourself, such as CDs using the music programs, or products involving images for the visual ones. It is a great pleasure to see users making new things with my programs. No financial return is expected for this. Images and music made with my programs remain your copyright.

However, if your aim is to help develop my programs yourself as a source of revenue, you will need to look elsewhere for a programmer more in tune with your aims. It isn't as easy as you may think nowadays. It is like trying to make a living as a composer by selling CDs - few succeed in making a living from it. Some modern computer games have budgets similar to those for Hollywood movies..

Other programmers that I know, some with excellent products, also earn low sums of money from their programs. I have come across a few who earn somewhat larger amounts on some of the software development forums but am under the impression that this is rare nowadays, and requires considerable dedication to the aim to earn lots from your software. For many programmers of the programs you can download and purchase, it is more like a hobby that earns them some extra income - normally you find they have a day job as well which is what they rely on and how they are able to continue programming. These are often excellent programs too.

If you want to promote and sell the programs that are available here, and wish to earn a percentage of the sales for doing so, then you should look into the Affiliate Scheme.


I'm delighted to receive bug reports and suggestions from the users. Many users have contributed ideas and suggestions and made bug reports and tested my programs. I am most grateful to all these users. The programs would not be what they are without their help. If you are happy with this arrangement then I'm very happy indeed to continue to work with you to make the programs better for yourself and for other users.

If you have any bug reports or suggestions for any of these programs, please contact Robert Walker:

Acceptable Use Policy
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