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For Windows

These programs are all Windows programs. They have been tested particularly for Windows XP and Windows 95/98. They also run on Windows 2000, and ME.

They are currently being ported to Vista. If the download page says that it is For Vista then the testing on Vista has been completed. The others are not yet fully tested on Vista, but the testing should be finished soon for them too.

There are no plans to port any of them to the Mac or Linux. The thing is that they are all written specifically for Windows at a low level. There are alternative approaches that let you code a program that will work on Windows, Mac and Linux from a single code base, but it has to be done when you plan the original architecture.

(all the links in this page open in new windows)

You may be able to run them on Linux or a Mac alongside your other programs, if you use a virtual machine. For a Mac, you can try Parallels Desktop for Mac, VMWare Work Station, or (for older non Intel macs) Virtual PC (reported to work, but it's slow). All these solutions require you to own a copy of one of the Windows operating systems, however they do let you run Mac and Windows programs at the same time on the same machine.

You may be able to run them on Linux using Wine, or again, a virtual machine. The Wine approach is completely free, developed independently from Microsoft, see the wikipedia article Wine for details. My programs only use documented Windows routines so may perhaps work with Wine.

No support is guaranteed for this way of using the programs. However if any bugs occur and you provide bug reports then I can look into it and see if there is anything I can do.

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