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Special Offers

Three for two


Buy any two of my main programs Tune Smithy , Virtual Flower , or Lissajous 3D and get all three and my mini utilities as well - all the programs currently listed on this page. This is for Home users only.

To take up this special offer buy any two and then e-mail to say that you want to take up the three for two offer, and I will supply unlock keys for the remaining ones by return of e-mail. In the case of Tune Smithy you get the unlock key for Play only - this unlocks everything except the midi relaying features needed for composing or to play from a music keyboard.

More generally, to take up this offer you can also buy any combination of products that adds up to $28 in price, allowing only the first $14 for each product.

So for instance if you buy FTS complete, or for midi relaying and then buy Lissajous 3D then you will get Virtual Flower and the mini utilities. Or if you buy the combined Lissajous 3D and Virtual Flower order at $20 you could buy the mini utilities at $8 and get FTS as well. Anyway if unsure just ask.

It works retrospectively - and if you have already bought one of my programs then you can use the current price for that program.



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Special Offers
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