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Setting FTS up for SCALA

If you run both FTS and Scala you may want to be able to set the two programs up so that they can interact with each other.

  • You can add the Scala scales and modes lists to FTS, so that they appear as drop lists and can also be searched in FTS.
  • You can configure FTS with a button to show any scales you make in FTS in Scala.
  • Also the other way around, Scala has a menu entry you can use to show the current scale in FTS as well.

With FTS 2.4. you could use the old combined installer from Harmony Central, but this won't work with 3.0.

First install FTS and Scala.

Also, download the scales archive, which you can find at the bottom of the Scala downloads page.

Now start up FTS, and go to FTS | Bs2 | Scales Options & Explorations | locate SCALA and make all the SCALA related files (Ctrl + 16)

Then follow the instructions - Browse for SCALA scales... to find your new SCALA Scales folder - the one with all the .scl files in it. Then, use Browse for SCALA app. to find SCALA itself - shown as Scala.exe , or just Scala , in the files lists. It's in your new SCALA folder, the one you installed SCALA into.

This will fill in the SCALA scales folder box and the Location of Scala application box with the locations of the scales and the application.

Then click the button to Make all the SCALA related files .

This makes the drop lists of all the SCALA scales, and all the SCALA modes, and also the file smithy.cmd used to start FTS from SCALA.

To find the new lists of scales you have just made, go to the main window Scales list and scroll down to the More Scales... entry. You'll find them in that list.

To test everything is working, , click Show current scale in SCALA .

Now you can use all the SCALA capabilities to investigate it and use it. One common use is to show all the intervals of the scale, using View | Show Intervals in SCALA.

To go back the other way, from within SCALA type @smithy in the command line and it should then show the scale in FTS.

Each time you do use the the @smithy command, it will start up a new copy of FTS.

If you decide you want to show all the scales in the same copy of FTS, go back to FTS, click Update smithy.cmd only and answer No when asked if you want each one to start a new copy of FTS.

So, you've gone both ways.

You can search and sort the SCALA scales and modes lists, more of which is explained in the help for Bs2 | Scales Options & Explorations | Search scales or modes list , and Sort scales or modes list .


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