Hardware locking

FAQ about hardware locking for Robert Inventor's Programs

Will my unlock key work on any computer?

A: Yes it will. It is not tied down to any particular machine.

The unlock key is intended for your own use, but you can use it on any machine that you own or have access to. For home use, anyone in your family or household can use it. If you get it for an organisation, be sure to get the Multi User license. Anyone else who uses the program should buy a new unlock key.

You can use it on a friend's computer or someone else's machine - that's fine. You can leave it installed when you go too - just be sure to remove your unlock key when you are finished using it, and your friend will be able to start a new test drive. You do that from Help | Unlock | Remove unlock key .

If you uninstall the program, a message is shown to ask if you want to remove the unlock key, as one normally will.

I feel myself as a matter of personal opinion that hardware locking - the modern technique for locking a program to a particular computer - has many disadvantages for both vendor and user. It may not be so in some situations, if the program is ephemeral in interest, or if the company has a good system in place for automatic updating of keys with minimal hassle for the user.

For more on this, see my on-line page: Hardware Locking - a new trend